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Posted on 20th June 2018 by Rebecca Sander

1) The h club Foundation Head Start Programme

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In this cut throat environment where entry level jobs list 3 years experience as a requirement as if that's not an oxymoron, this programme is trying to get that experience to 18-25 year olds who are just starting out in areas like film and TV. If accepted onto the programme you can get a five week work placement and masterclass portfolio/networking tips, and the chance to apply for a full time job at the end. Plus travel, lunch and expenses are covered so you might actually be able to afford to do it!

Workshops, networking, and the opportunity to pitch for a film season, all in the powerhouse that is the BFI, this is a week not to be missed for any 16-19 year olds committed to getting involved in film


3) UK Cinema Association - BRIEF: DVD/AV Resource for Autism Friendly Screenings training for cinema staff


This is a call for submission for the creation of a training film for Autism friendly screenings of film to be distributed across the country to help educate and train cinema staff. A great opportunity for creating something disability-friendly and if accepted the production budget is covered. Find the full brief and guidelines here:


4) Hiive Short of the Month


Hiive select a short film every month to put on their youtube channel and promote across their platform, with the only guideline being your film cannot already by public online. The winner will also receive a screening of the winning film at the BFI Future Film Labs, including a live Q&A.


5) Project 50/50

This is a project aiming to create films using a crew from as diverse a background as possible, and have representation at every level. They are looking for 40 young people ages 18-24 to be cinematographers, assistant directors, sound artists, production designers, and more.

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