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Posted on 11 June 2018 by Prisca Ntumba

Being an introvert can be used in your favour for interviews as being an introvert does not mean you have nothing to you. The main thing is to showcase the other areas of your personality and not be hard on yourself because you're not the loudest in the room.

Here are some tips to help you along the way...


This is key. Treat it like an exam and revise the company, answers to potential questions they may ask and questions for you to ask as well. This helps prevent those awkward silences because you'll have a list of things to discuss.



You can prep but you can't predict. Talking to yourself helps you come up with more natural answers so you don't sound robotic. Have a full blown conversation with yourself (the mirror actually helps) and even throw in some ‘silly’ questions and answers.  


Let your work speak for you. If you've already sent your work in move the conversation in that direction or even have your work present to show and go through it in person. I've also found that as reserved as introverts may be with discussing our lives, when it comes to our work passion takes over. Remember it all comes down to quality.


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Show that although you may not be as talkative, you're still an excellent listener. Pay close attention to the little things and ask questions later referring back to. This helps to build a relationship with them. They may remember you as the ‘quiet one' but they'll also remember that you do pay attention and care enough.


This one can be hit or miss so definitely judge the situation but taking notes will show that you’re an active learner, receptive to feedback and willing to take in every part of the interview. This works especially well in group interviews and also gives you something to refer back to if you get stuck.


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Usually if you made it to the interview stage the recruiter will be open to provide you with feedback. If the main reason was that they just prefer a more extroverted person then that’s fine. Just means it wasn't for you and you may not have even liked it there, so don’t go trying to completely change yourself. If they give you other more specific points however take it all on board and work towards them to smash your next interview.


Written by Prisca Ntumba

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