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posted on 28th June 2018 by Prisca Ntumba

Someone has just told you their name. You've forgotten. You insert your new card in the ATM. What's your pin again?

Then you go and block it because you entered your old one three times forgetting it's a new card. You're sure you were meant to do something today but really can't remember what... ok I'll stop. You get it right? If this is you let me help you out real quick.

“Eat right”

I'm sure you've seen many ‘what to eat’ articles at this point (Instagram even has a ton of food related pics) but this one shares what’s good for the brain specifically.

“Sleep. Sleep well. Sleep very well”

Sleep helps improve how you deal with challenging tasks. 4-6hrs can affect your ability to think clearly (plus makes you a moody so and so). 8hrs is the most ideal amount of time because it's advised to not sleep for too long either.

“Write it down”

Making notes on paper stimulates and triggers something in the brain resulting in you paying more attention when forming the letters yourself. You can make flash cards, use images, colours and even switch up your handwriting.

“Visualise it”

Create your mind palace. It works best when you imagine a house or journey you're familiar with and store information in each room or at each stop. Something like this one, Sherlock's just maybe not as advanced

“Rhyme it”

Think of all the things you remembered through primary school because of rhyming. Honestly it's not just children that benefit from this. Even include a backing track if you like and unleash the rapper inside you.

“Repeat it”

Like when you remember song lyrics. It's partially because you've been blasting the song over and over again. The same can be done for information and this method works extremely well with numbers.


Written by Prisca Ntumba


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