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Want to know which awesome jobs you should be applying for? Here are some ridiculous and hilarious jobs that you didn't know existed.

1) Professional cuddler

Also known as a snuggle buddy, a professional cuddler gets paid to hug strangers who need a little hug! How adorable, and kind of odd.

2) Odor tester

If you thought a professional cuddler was slightly odd, you're in for a treat with the odor tester. Odor testers are employed by deodorant companies to smell the armpits- and sometimes feet- of volunteers after they use a specific deodorant and comment on the smell. Stinky!

3) Orthoepist

Orthoepists are the unheard heroes. Ever wondered how news presenters or voice actors know how to pronounce tricky words? It's all thanks to orthoepists, their job is to research the pronunciation and diction of words.

4) Crisp inspector

I don’t know about you but inspecting and eating crisps for a living sounds like a good life for me! What flavour would you be most excited to eat? I'm getting hungry thinking about it...

5) Dog surfing instructor

Dogs + surfing = absolute cuteness. Who wouldn't want to teach some furry friends how to surf? Because dogs need to know how to surf too!

6) Food stylist

Do you like to make food look tasty when its served on a plate? Personally, I just eat the food before it reaches the plate, but for those who appreciate the finer detail of food presentation you could work in food fashion! Yes, food fashion is a thing.

7) Paint drying watcher

You read it right, you can get paid to watch paint dry. Paint companies employ paint drying watchers to evaluate whether the paint dries with residue or any other texture and the pace of paint drying. The science of paint drying, sounds almost as dull as watching paint dry.


Written by Maddy Abela

Instagram: @happydazexox

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