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posted on 28th June 2018 by Natasha Moore

Stress - it's inevitable, yet that doesn't give it reason to be the star of the show of life. As we all know, the first stage  of solving a problem is to recognise it. Here are 6 things we may all do at some stage in our lives which amplify stress:

1. Negative self talk  

"I'm not as good as them, I don't have the energy today, that looks like such a waste of time." Just some of the phrases we continuously feed ourselves which contribute to stress. And the thing is we, for the most part, don't even realise we're saying these so frequently. Being aware of the chatterbox in your head will be the first step of chasing out the negative stress-inducing self talk for the better.

2. Multi-Tasking

You think you can do something simultaneously when really all your doing is switching between tasks really fast. Neuroscience has shown that the brain cannot multitask, when we switch between tasks we waste time, energy and are more prone to making mistakes. This leads to frustration as you wonder to yourself why you can't write the conclusion to the English assignment while at the same time sign up to volunteer at the injured stunt dolphins' sanctuary at weekends.

3. Trying to do too much in too little time

Being ambitious is one thing but the stress levels are bound to sky rocket when you set yourself the mountain of tasks before sunrise. We live in a world now where expectations are higher than ever in terms of career and social status. No one can be blamed for wanting to be as productive as possible but this doesn't always correlate to increasing the amount of tasks completed. Remember the cliché - quality not quantity. Well, it's not so cliché after all!

4. Pulling all nighters to get my endless list completed  

Having a good work ethic doesn't mean ditching the sleep. As annoying as this revelation is to most of us, it's true that only 3% of the population can survive on 6 hrs sleep per night. So by staying up at night to finish tasks we are in fact making it harder to work on any of them during the day - when in fact, this should be the most optimal time to work on them. Don't create this vicious cycle please! Lack of sleep = more stress as the quality of our work and performance is greatly reduced.

5. Comparing yourself to others  

Acknowledging someone else's success isn't the problem, it's when you start to feel like you aren't able to get the same level of success or within a short period of time that you start feeling stressed. Be in your own lane, take inspiration from others but the aim shouldn't be to outcompete. Afterall how can you outcompete someone who is on a different path to you?

6. Not being content with your best

You record your demo for example, but you knit-pick through it seeing only the flaws. You then stress yourself out thinking it's not good enough, maybe even going back to the drawing board, thereby leaving yourself less time to finish. Less time = more stress in your mind! So you can't win! Don't be so hard on yourself!

Six  ways we stress more, why not think of 6 ways to stress less or else you'll be adding to that 3% of the 6hr sleeping population for all the wrong reasons! Best of luck!!


Written by Natasha Moore

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