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Posted on 3RD JULY 2018 by Jada Scott

With the UK becoming more and more established in the world of creativity, it's important to know who the big dogs are. Here's a list of 6 inspirational CEO's of the largest creative companies in the UK according to Creative England's top 50 creative companies - now go and network!


Duncan Cook

Duncan Cook is the CEO of app development company 3 Sided Cube. The company stand out from others in the same field by ensuring that the apps they create, have a large impact on consumers. 3 Sided Cube make brands for companies that make a real difference to people such as the NHS, Save the Children and RSPB.

Cat Lewis

Cat Lewis is the CEO of television production company Nine Lives Media. Established in 2007, the company based in Manchester has since produced television programmes for all of the major UK broadcasters. Cat set up the company herself after an illustrious 19 years working in the creative industry and together with over 15 employees, has managed to create a BAFTA and Emmy Award-Winning company.

Jonathan Chinn & Simon Chinn

Since setting up the multi-platform media company Lightbox, Cousins Jonathan and Simon Chinn have created productions for companies as big as CNN, Discovery and BBC. The company is renowned for its depiction of non-fiction stories and has received many awards for its contribution to the film industry. Both CEO's are award-winning themselves with Jonathan winning an Emmy and the Television Academy’s prestigious Honors Award and Simon becoming a 2 time Academy Award winner for documentaries he has produced.

Simon Smith

CEO of Thumbfood Simon Smith set up the company after his 18 years of experience in the Gaming Industry. Smith wanted to start up his own gaming company that had a different concept to ones in the industry so he has done just that. Thumbfood create and come up with their own concepts and ideas for games, then fund the projects themselves to create the games.

Joseph Humfrey & Jon Ingold

Gaming Company Inkle, created in 2010 was conceived with the idea of telling stories through intricate designs. CEO's Joseph Humfrey and Jon Ingold used their experience from working at companies like such as Sony and Rare to take a unique approach to gaming. Together, they work to communicate a story through the art of design and programming.

Nathan Newman

From a background in social media marketing and video production, Nathan Newman decided to turn to the world of Virtual Reality and created the Virtual Reality Associates. The CEO has since expanded his team and has partnered up with huge companies like MTV, Buzzfeed and Nickelodeon producing several viral and branded media campaigns.


Written by Jada Scott

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