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Posted on 9th July 2018 by Mireille Harper


In the spirit of the world cup, let's start with SEASON! Founded by Felicia Pennant in 2016, SEASON is an independent platform that champions female fashion and football fans. A football and fashion magazine, SEASON prints biannually, as well as hosting events, posting online content and selling merchandise, with a focus on showcasing and empowering women in modern football culture.

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Fem Fam Zine

Set up by artist and image maker, Nicole Chui, Fem Fam is a print zine putting females in streetwear and its subcultures to the forefront. Chui, who produces, edits and directs the content of the zine, explores varying female identities.

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Polyester Zine

With the motto ‘Have faith in your own bad taste’, Polyester is all about pushing boundaries. The self-published, intersectional feminist fashion and culture publication which aims to bridge the gap of ‘URL cyberfeminism’ with the ‘IRL’ world features creative talent across a range of mediums from photographers to writers to artists.

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Yellow Zine

Writer, painter and illustrator, Aisha Ayoade and her brother, graphic designer, Oreoluwa Ayoade set up Yellow Zine, with the focus of centralizing artists of colour in their own space. Yellow showcases the artwork of over 20 contemporary minority ethnic visual artists in the UK, across illustration, photography and much more.

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Time for Change Zine

Music and portrait photographer, Ellie Ramsden has recently launched Time for Change. The zine and accompanying short film explores issues that need changing in the UK through photography and film, with the first issue kicking off with sexism in the music industry.



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