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Posted on 17th SEPTEMBER 2018 by Maddy abela

With so many free events nowadays, including the great ERIC fest, it can be hard to decipher the good from, well the straight up crap events. So, get your detective skills on, Mr Holmes, here’s how to tell if a free event is worth your time.

1) Evaluate the content

Before you even think about booking tickets, check out the scene. Who are the speakers? Are there any workshops? Make sure that there are at least three things on the agenda that catch your eye. If not, next!

2) Who’s running the show?

Another useful way of telling if an event is good is look at the reputation of the event organisers. If they are experienced and know what they’re doing (like ERIC’s organisers, Sam and Mae) then the event will be lit for sure.

3) Level your expectations

What do you want to gain from going to this event? Obviously, unless it’s the ERIC fest you can’t expect it to be life-changing so make sure your expectations are realistic.

4) History repeats itself

If this event has happened before, do your research! Look at the previous reviews, and if you have friends that have previously attended the event, even better. Asking around for people’s review of a prospective event is super useful.

5) Experiment

Lastly, you’ve got to just go with your gut instinct and experiment a little. You’ll go to a crap event every now and then and that’s perfectly normal.

Written by Maddy Abela

Instagram: @happydazexox

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