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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

1. Yeah. That’s not really helped.

It’s bad enough to have to fake an injury on the pitch but as you can see no acting was needed here. Give this guy an Oscar and a stretcher pronto. 

2. BBC Sport Does The Mannequin Challenge

Here’s a bit of nostalgia for you. This was a great challenge, wasn’t it? 

3. Guess Who

Love a bit of celebrity tr-tr-trivia!

4. Lineker Leaves Little To The Imagination

Looks like you’ve still got that Walker’s deal Gazza. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 12.42.11.png

5. If Miming Was A Sport, This Guy Would Take Gold. 

His dignity goes the same way as the ipad - vanishes.

Well played BBC Sport, well played.

Written by Natasha Moore

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