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Posted on 3rd July 2018 by Rebecca Sander

Anna Mary Robertson Moses

If like me, you find the recent slew of infant superstar artists, activists, and business-owners incredibly stressful and disheartening, the story of Grandma Moses should be a comfort. She started painting at the age of 78 after spending her entire life as a farm labourer/housekeeper. Although she died in the Sixties, in 2006 one of her paintings sold for $1.2 million.

Emily Gordon 

Emily spent six years as a therapist before branching out into writing and podcast hosting, and is now Oscar nominated along with her husband Kumail Nanjiani, for their autobiographical screenplay for the movie The Big Sick.

Julia Childs

Did you know Julia Childs was a spy?! Before she was played by Meryl Streep in a movie I never watched she worked for the Intelligence Service! I’d actually watch a movie about that.

Vera Wang 

Before Vera Wang became the name in womenswear design that even your dad would recognise, she was a figure skater and a journalist.

Sara Blakely

Sara spent years as a door to door saleswoman, selling fax machines and other office supplies. When fax machines died their slow and painful death she quit to launch her own company, a little thing you might have heard of called Spanx. Today Spanx is a million dollar company and a household name, and most importantly, there are no fax machines involved.


Written by Rebecca Sander


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