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Posted on 30th SEPTEMBER 2019 by eric team

Now we all know VFX involves animators but what other jobs are there? Here are 5 jobs in VFX you didn’t know existed…

1) Paint/prep artist

Imagine a flight scene… So an actor (probably Tom Cruise) has just shot a scene where they physically flew over a building with the help of a harness - why would you need VFX for that scene? Well, a paint/prep artist has to erase any cables, harnesses, film equipment from the live footage to create the illusion that the character can fly. 

2) Texturing artists

I think you’ll agree that the texture of skin is very different from the texture of wood, right? Texturing artists have to portray these surface details through painting in 3D and the use of photographs. Imagine all the touching research they have to do *insert awkward face*.

3) matte painter

Matte painters also use photographs but paste them into a digital environment to create cityscapes, landscapes and amazing backgrounds of scenes. The painters of the VFX world, really.

4) Modelling artist

Who makes the 3D objects that are seen in a movie? A modelling artist! Modelling artists are rudimental for VFX as they create the literal building blocks for other artists to texturise, animate and light. Without them, everyone else involved is just wasted talent - this is a great one for people with a god complex.


It’s all about hues and contrast - making things reflective of the vibe of the movie. Colourists process every digital image for a film and ensure that it exactly matches what the producers and director want.

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