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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

Just like the sports world, you might not think of these industries as the most edgy and creative. So buckle up, you’re in for a shock…



Admit it, ever since you binge-watched Suits that time (if that sentence, for some crazy reason, does not apply to you - you know what your homework is *hint: it’s on Netflix*), you’ve wanted to be a lawyer. Wouldn’t it be nice to use £20 notes instead of toilet paper and have your own Batmobile. If you’re a creative, you’re in luck, because the law industry is desperate for people of your mental calibre - lawyers need to think outside the box and come up with crazy solutions that can only be achieved through creativity, and who better to handle all the fashion-industry cases than someone who enjoys designing clothes themselves? The more you can relate to a case, the better you’ll be at handling (and winning) it, so if you’re a passionate creative in your spare time why not give lawyering a try as main job?



7-year-old me watching Bob the Builder was probably the last time I gave the construction industry any actual thought, but it’s a booming industry that isn’t just about climbing scaffolding and pushing bricks around in wheelbarrows. There’s so much creativity that goes into construction, especially in the planning process, so maybe your talents could be harnessed there? And not just in terms of the actual building too - construction companies need people to handle everything from charity outreach to advertising to designing. If you were a lego prodigy, this could be your calling.



I have to admit, I’m really prejudiced when it comes to all things IT. Every time someone mentions those two letters in that order, my brain conjures up images of miserable men, residing in a dingy 70’s room who only see the light of day when summoned upstairs to the office because Sharon can’t log onto her emails. But we’re in 2019 and IT has rebranded. ‘Digital’ is fast becoming one of the world’s most important industries and is turning over billions of pounds a year, why would you not want in? The creative brain is something IT thrives off, and there’s so many different routes to go down too - software developing, games designer, even creative directing.



If you enjoy reading (and if you don’t, then there’s no hope for you anyway), the publishing sector needs as many creatives as they can find. Before a bare manuscript gets to grace the cosy shelves of Waterstones, it goes through a horrendously long makeover process that needs everyone from editors to illustrators to cover-designers to PR people… there’s bound to be a job that’s perfect for your creative talents and preferences.



Physics was hands-down the worst subject I’ve ever studied - EVER - and I would not wish a career in physics on my worst enemy. That being said, some maniacs out there actually enjoy physics and a career in engineering is something they genuinely want. If you happen to be one of those maniacs (but you have a creative streak too) then engineering might just be the option for you. It’s not all maths, science and equations; every single technological advancement we’ve had has come from the mind of a creative, so whether you like tinkering with wires or not, if you have good ideas and can come up with solutions for problems in a creative way, why not try out a career in engineering?  

Written by Nada El-Hammoud

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