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Posted on 21st march 2018 by The eric team

Ah, The Beeb. An ever-present media giant. An ingrained part of our cultural heritage. I mean, can you imagine a world without Strictly? Where in the hell would we get our yearly dose of sequins and celebrities making a fool of themselves in lycra? The BBC has literally been around since the beginning of time itself (well, since TVs were invented… which is kinda the same thing) and it’s easy to forget how it plays such a huge part in our everyday lives. So to celebrate all the great gifts the BBC has bestowed upon us throughout the years (Gary Lineker’s pearly whites on Match Of The Day, Maya Jama’s dulcet tones on Radio 1 every Saturday, the sheer volume of glitter used in Strictly over 15 series), here are 5 incredible facts you probably didn’t know about the BBC.

  1. Someone once brought in a watch belonging to Lawrence of Arabia on Antiques Roadshow

    The owner had no idea how significant the wristwatch was before he brought it onto the show in the 90s. He then went on to sell it for an eye-watering £34,000 to a collector in Geneva *prepares to go digging through grandma’s trinkets in the attic*.

  2. The Beeb is the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees

    BBC employs around 35,400 people - that’s just a little over the population of Billericay. Mind blown.

  3. Radio 4’s Today Programme is basically controlling secret nuclear submarines

    Yes, you read that correctly. No, this not clickbait. Locked in the safes of Britain’s four nuclear submarines, which are constantly patrolling in secret locations around the world and are cut off from base, are handwritten instructions from the government; if the submarines cannot tune into Radio 4’s Today programme for a certain number of consecutive days, Britain has been hit by a nuclear attack. The captains have four choices: make their way to Australia, put the vessels under US command, launch a nuclear strike against the enemy, or use their own judgement. Hang on, USE THEIR OWN JUDGEMENT??? No pressure then.

  4. 1 in every 16 adults in the world uses BBC News

    This one definitely had my brain doing backflips. In case you haven’t processed that properly: if you went ANYWHERE in the world, (statistically speaking), for every 16 adults who pass you in the street, one of them uses BBC news.

  5. The BBC once interviewed a guy live on TV who they thought was an IT magazine editor - he was only there to apply for a job

    What a madly stressful situation - imagine just trying to mind your own business and drop off your CV, then all of a sudden you’re in front of cameras being asked questions about IT, your ‘…hang on, this isn’t right…’ face being broadcast across the nation. I wonder if he got the job...

Written by Nada El-Hammoud

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