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Posted 01 June 2018 by Maddy Abela

Everyone loves doing some good for the planet, right? But if, like me, you want to help the earth without compromising on style and quality (because you still want your crush to notice you and see what a fashionista you are); then fear not! Here are five fabulous fashion companies who are doing their bit to make the world a better place.


This first company does some truly heart warming things for those in need. When I was doing a cheeky bit of online shopping for sandals- don’t pretend you spend hours doing it too- I came across the footwear company TOMS. They have some pretty awesome sandals and flats but what's even cooler is their ‘one for one’ programme. Every time a customer buys a pair of shoes they give a pair to someone in need! How lovely.

But the giving doesn't stop there, oh no. Buying other TOMS products, such as bags and sunglasses, helps provide safe birth kits for countries with high risks of infection and clean water for people who are contracting life-threatening illness from drinking dirty water.

2) People Tree


People Tree are a fairtrade fashion company, who help reduce climate change whilst providing sustainable futures for others. They only use organic cotton in their clothes, but you may be thinking so what? Well, the methods of growing organic cotton are controlled and have a low impact on the environment. This means that, among other things, nasty chemicals and pesticides aren’t used.

This amazing company are also dedicated to providing a sustainable future for cotton producers, farmers and garment workers by paying them a fair rate in the developing world. You know they're doing something right when Emma Watson collaborates with them!

3) Thought Clothing


Thought clothing are definitely very thoughtful when it comes to the environment and being ecofriendly. As an advocator of slow fashion (the concept where you buy few clothes but of a high quality, to reduce waste) thought clothing are similar to People Tree and love using organic materials that are free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. Not only good for the environment, but good for your skin too! No one likes that awkward trip to the doctors when you get a random rash that can be caused by the irritation cheap and highly processed materials in clothes trigger.

4) Rapanui


Rapanui are a fashion brand that really excite me. Why? They use super cool ways to manufacture their clothes that helps the environment. Rapanui have three renewable energy farms that power their production line. Two of their farms are wind powered farms- who knew windmills were so versatile! Their other farm is a solar farm; so the next time you're getting a tan in the sun, just think about all the funky clothes Rapanui are making with that same energy! You can't deny that is pretty incredible.

5) Mayamiko


At Mayamiko, they really know how to look after their staff. Not only does the clothing brand invest in helping disadvantaged people in Malawi develop their creative talents but they provide a nutritious meal every day for their staff in disadvantaged countries. How lovely! No one wants to be working and hangry. They also provide safe and hygenic work conditions for staff and refuse to partake in child labour. Go Mayamiko!

So there's a lot of hope in the fashion industry to make a powerful and impactful change! Next time you're buying a cute outfit, think about where it's coming from, because you can be apart of something beautiful such as helping someone see again to providing financial support for small companies all through which pair of jeans you buy.

All opinions were my own, this article is not endorsed.

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