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Posted on 21st march 2018 by THE ERIC TEAM

Creativity is "Giving the world something it didn't know it was missing." - author Daniel Pink 

Creativity takes on a much more metamorphic form. Each of us are creative in our own ways. 

It’s the individuals who can master their own creative skillsets who ultimately thrive in this world as being the most employable. Just a handful of these innovative individuals who we may seek inspiration from are named below:

Peggy Gou - House and Techo DJ

The South Korean selector has made quite a name for herself in the underground dance music scene in recent years. Pioneering and paving a name as a credible DJ in a primarily male-dominated genre speaks volumes for her creative talents and her dedicated work ethic. From Boiler Room sets to shutting down Berghain, Gou is unapologetically bold and individualistic with her sound. If creativity means to bring to the world something it hasn't seen before, then Peggy Gou epitomizes this through her signature house and techno sounds.  

Elon Musk

Whether you love him or loathe him, you can’t deny Musk is making moves in two of the world’s biggest arenas: space exploration and environmental impact. Not simply a one-trick pony, he combines his intelligence, ambition and innovativeness to do much more than make billions of dollars but more importantly to bring about real change for the betterment of mankind. Sounds like a lot of grandiose language, but what better creative example can you give than a man who’s imagination gave him ambitions that not only did he strive for but thrived at? Two of his main goals are to make life multiplanetary and create electric car underground tunnels to ease traffic congestion and air pollution. You can’t knock someone who talks the talk and then actually walks the walk, right?

Dr Ali Parsa

No one likes waiting in queues, let's be honest. Especially when it comes to your health. Taking this onboard, perhaps this was the thoughts of the CEO and founder of the mobile app - Babylon which enables users to have virtual consultations with healthcare professionals without leaving home. Parsa’s goal is to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to the masses. Yet his ambitions haven’t stopped with simply skype calling your GP. Taking technology that one step further Artificial Intelligence has been recruited to provide even greater assistance to the healthcare industry and it is through its integration into the Babylon app which aims to ease pressure on doctors to make diagnoses, and in more detail assisting tasks such as surgery, telehealth and big data compilation. 

Sharmadean Reid

Co-founder of the highly popular Dalston-based  ‘Wah Nails’ salon Reid has re-invented the way nail art should be done. You don’t get an MBE, book deal and Soho residency for just any old manicure! Reid has combined her savvy entrepreneurship with her stylish flair to not only pioneer a new path down which we pamper ourselves, but in its very essence offer that emotional pick-me-up we all need at times in a fresh and inventive manner. 

Lucy Greene

Co-founder of ‘Anti-Agency’, a modelling agency that prides itself in going against the grain by promoting real people with real talent. Placing emphasis on their rosters’ individual styles, personality and talents over simply making them living clothes horses. So if you’re a fresh new face who can crack a joke get your headshots and one-liners sent over now. 

If these 5 friendly faces haven’t inspired you to get your creative juices flowing then I'm afraid nothing will! Don’t hold back, show the world what it’s missing from you. 

Written by Natasha Moore

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