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posted on 3rd July 2018 by Jada Scott 

Despite being one of the most sought after industries in the job world, the creative field is known for its low pay rates.

It's 2018 now and this needs to change as everyone is just trying to get their coin, doing something that they love. Here are 5 creative jobs with a starting salary of over 30k according to Grab a pen and take some notes!

1. Film producers

Although each salary is dependant on the production, in the UK, most film producers are thought to start on a salary close to £35,000 a year. Most people in this profession only stay in the role for 20 years before progressing onto something different.

2. Animators

More recently, Animators have become sought after in the UK with the animation industry becoming more and more popular. Those starting out in their career currently attract salaries of around £34,000 a year.

3. Architects

Architects plan, sketch and construct the design of residential and industrial buildings. As the world of architecture has become more and more talked about in society, the amount of people heading in to that career has grown. Architects are now thought to have a starting wage of around £33,000 a year in the UK.

4. Art Directors

Art directors are responsible for the overall layout and design of the visual styling and images used by a certain company.  The role often attracts a pay that differs depending on the sector the director works in and the location. In the UK however, the role attracts a yearly wage of around £35,000.

5. Creative Director

Creative Directors oversee all of a company's creative projects before they are made public. The role exists in several different sectors of the media industry and requires a high level of team playing skills in addition to the creative skillset the role is based on. They attract a yearly wage of £49,000.


Written by Jada Scott


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