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F*** networking, it’s ALL about collaborating

  • The word ‘networking’ is something you will hear thrown about a lot within the creative industry. Perhaps more so than the word ‘collaborating’. We're firm believers that there is a major difference between networking and collaborating.

  • The two words can mean different things to many people.
    Whenever we hear the word networking, instantly it takes us back to those days where we’ve been in a room full of smug people in suits and ties, locked eyes, and they’re talking to us about how great they are as a professional. (Yes, we’ve mastered the art of keeping a straight face, whilst debating whether its chicken is a good idea for dinner tonight).


  • There really is a stigma attached to the idea behind networking, but really and truly most young creatives are in the same boat.
    Collaborating from our perspective means so much more! When you have natural rapport with someone, both professional and social, it can open up numerous doors. Working on exciting self-directed projects can be one route.


  • You attend these amazing events such as Eric Fest (casual name drop), and you feel so inspired that you want to talk to others, share experiences, and potentially work together....DO IT! Like most things in life, it will require confidence but more importantly we believe in the fact that if you can organically click with an individual, then working together will feel a lot smoother. Olga & Kay was born in this exact way.


  • We met about two years ago on a shoot. Olga being the photographer, and Kay being the model.
    The more we spoke on the shoot, the more we realised how much we had in common. We covered everything from netflix shows, right up to things that annoy us as creatives e.g people who don’t name their layers (you know who you are).
    Now we conduct regular workshops around the UK, give various talks at college and school, and have a strong body of work from various travel adventures, as well as working regularly with our friends - TEDx Euston, Bright Ideas Trust and Westminster City Council. Yes Olga & Kay are creative partners, but we are also good friends now. By spending a lot of time with each other, we now have a clear understanding of each others skillset, interests and more importantly what we collectively would like to work on to become better as solo creatives, but also as a partnership. 


  • Despite working on Olga & Kay as a self directed project, Olga is Freelance Photographer and Kay is a full time Graphic Designer. Finding the balance between what pays the bills, and an enjoyable self-directed project, is what drives our creative spirit. Of course you will always have good and bad days with both paid and self-directed work, but the golden rule we’ve come to learn, is the ability to prioritise and know what your strengths are.

    ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ - African Proverb.

...So in a nut shell, go out, be bold, have a conversation with your fellow creative and build bridges which will hopefully lead into an ongoing collaboration - F**k networking, Collaborate!

If you would like to see exactly what we do, or you would like to get in contact with us regarding a project or collaboration, give us a shout (we're not monsters, promise).