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Posted on 21st january 2019 by the eric team

Warner Music Group is an interesting place to work. Why? The interesting architecture of the building, the efficiency of the office systems in place, the budget allocations… nah, just kidding - it’s the constant stream of CELEBS walking through the doors and the amazing PERKS you get!! Here are some of our favourite celebrity encounters from people who work at WMG and the best bits about office life that people don’t tell you.

Laura Willoughby, Creative Sync Manager

Celebrity encounters: Once, I sneezed as Dua Lipa was walking past my desk and she blessed me! Also, Bruno Mars asked me for directions to the toilet but I was so flustered I wasn’t sure I sent him the right way…

Best perks: Free breakfast on Friday! That’s a good one that no one tells you about. But more generally, the atmosphere is super family-like. A lot of time you think of record labels as competitive, but it’s the total opposite and everyone just supports each other. Also, if you want to do stuff outside of work, it’s encouraged - creative endeavours are supported!


Jamie Ahye, Marketing Manager

Celebrity encounters: Some of my team and I went to the EMAs with Charlie XCX last year and got to go to the after-party, that was cool. I was also with Mahalia the night she found out she’d been nominated for Critics Choice and that was an amazing night for the A&R family. You work so closely with an artist and the team for so long that when it happens it’s an amazing feeling. The highlight of 2018, for sure.

Best perks: I work for Atlantic and it has a real sense of community. The industry is really moving to make sure their doors are open to everyone and you can see this reflected not just in the amount of diverse people in the office but also in the influential possibilities. This means a lot. If you want to work somewhere diverse, this is where you need to be! Also, you get free gig and festival tickets, you get to hang out with artists, you’re given a laptop when you start and just generally doing crazy stuff that 16 year old you would be keen on, ha!


Ameya Shah, Financial Planning Analyst

Celebrity encounters: I once bumped into Jess Glynne when she was visiting and like a true accountant I immediately dropped a stack of spreadsheets and a calculator on the floor in front of her. Classic accountant move.

Best perks: Free gig tickets! I may be an accountant, but there’s a reason I’m an accountant in the music industry! I do love having a common ground with everyone that works in the music industry, no matter what department you work in you do all love music. It’s also really cool that you can always see the results of your work when you walk out on the street and hear about it on the radio, TV, movies, etc. Pop culture references are around you all the time.

Written by The ERIC Team

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