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Posted on 21st january 2019 by the eric team

Haven’t a clue what 'synchronisation' means? What about 'Firepit Technology'? Don't worry, this isn’t a quiz, more of a revelation! If you love music, then keep reading as you may find one of these hidden gems of jobs below is your calling in life…

Creative Sync Manager

The Sync team are responsible for placing Warner Music’s diverse catalogue of music in films, TV, video games and adverts. (Think Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” in the M&S food advert.) The Creative Sync Manager is always busy pitching, securing and negotiating deals. They respond to briefs but also proactively seek out opportunities for our artists. They need to have an outstanding musical knowledge across all genres, as well as impeccable instincts to help them choose the perfect song for any moment onscreen.

Creative Production Coordinator 

The Creative Production team oversee the production of all physical and digital commercial and promotional formats including boxsets, vinyl records, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray and digital releases. The Creative Production Coordinator works closely with A&R, Marketing, designers and manufacturers to ensure the finished product, whether it’s a record sleeve or track on Spotify, looks and sounds amazing. They need to have a good eye for design as well as first-class project management skills and impeccable attention to detail. We interviewed Ellys Airey about her role as a Creative Production Coordinator and found out some mad stuff about her role and below are some examples of what a CPC could be working on.

Firepit Technology Developer

The Firepit is Warner Music UK’s original content and innovation studio, creating world-class visual content formats and tech & innovation solutions, within and around the world of music. As part of this, the Firepit Tech team creates award-winning digital creative assets, platforms, tools and applications for artist campaigns for the labels - as well as standalone projects. The Developer works with the Head of Tech and the labels to develop new and innovative fan engagement tools and assets. These can include websites, landing pages, microsites with social media/music API integration, Facebook Messenger Bots, HTML5 games and more! This is the perfect role for somebody who loves to innovate and create and who wants to combine existing experience with a passion for music.

Here are some examples of their incredible work:

Royalty Coordinator

A royalty is money due to the artist from the use of their recorded music. Royalties are earned from music being streamed, downloaded, played on the radio, used on film & TV, and CD & Vinyl sales. It is the Royalty Coordinator’s responsibility to make sure the artists get their money! They will look after a variety of artist accounts from the moment their agreement is signed. They’re in charge of setting up contracts and new releases in our royalty system, preparing the statements, issuing payments and liaising with a broad spectrum of internal and external representatives. The Royalty Coordinator is an expert in their area knowing all there is to know about their artists and labels – Warner have signed some great talent and this role shows them how much they have achieved.

Product Manager, Merchandise

The Merchandise team work with a large roster of artists across all Warner labels and beyond to create strong branding and designs for tour, D2C, retail and licensing products worldwide - whether that’s a limited edition bespoke jacket, tour programme or branded perfume. The Product Manager’s goal is to collaborate and build strong relationships with artists and their management team in order to develop and execute product ranges that both reflect the artist’s vision and offer fans an opportunity to buy into their favourite artist. They work closely with designers and suppliers on a daily basis to ensure this is achieved while also managing budgets and ensuring deadline are met.

So.....fancy a job?

Written by The ERIC Team

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