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Posted on 20th january 2019 by the eric team

Let's face it, we all now suffer from a permanent squint in our left eye as a tragic result of overexposure to apps such as angrybirds, instagram and the one that rhymes with hornpub. But instead of slowing down the growing trend of losing our sight at the hands of technology and instead get your phones out and download our 5 Top tools that are worth going blind over:


Obscurify - The Music Taste Tester (Tool)

Think you're pretty special? This app will certainly (dis)prove that with regards to your personal music preferences. With the aim of uncovering just how obscure your music taste really is in comparison to the average Joe, will you be just another one of the flock or the shepherd that leads the herd? Obscurify breaks it down using your Spotify playlists. Some stats it pulls up include determining your top genres, your top artists and by what % is your music taste different to the other Obscurify users. A very interesting insight indeed.

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Run The Mic - The Rap God Discoverer (App)

Lyricist or great cover artist? Fancy your chances at getting discovered through a competitive music app? Then this is the one for you. Simply showcase your rap skills over the top of the in-app instrumentals provided by top producers. Share your content, battle other platform users, watch the public vote, earn profile badges - earn recognition.


Level Music - The Unsigned Artist Assistant (Tool)

If you're an unsigned artist then make note of this platform that gives unsigned artists the opportunity to release their music across major streaming services including Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL and Google Play to name but a few. Did we mention it was completely free? The artist will keep 100% of the music rights and royalties earned. With digital distribution being a key element of an artist's exposure and ultimately their success, we’d definitely recommend all upcoming artists to check out Level Music.


Songkick - The Concert Finder (Tool)

Never miss your favourite artist live again with the help of this concert discovery platform. Whether it's Meek Mill's yodelling or Dolly Parton's twerking that tickles your pickle, you're guaranteed to have your needs met by Songkick. Notable features of the platform include artist touring trackers, management and publishing of your own events as an artist and ticket purchasing. 


Shazam - The Global Scout (App)

Have you ever wondered who's topping the charts in Taipei on a Saturday around brunch time? Tell me we’re not the only ones? Well, you’ll agree with this - Shazam is one of the best apps for global music discovery. In light of this, they’re also offering app users the ability to crowd-source the superstars of tomorrow. Don't you love being the first person to discover the next big thing? Whether it's the next biggest artist or next biggest song, this is the app for you. Happy scouting!  

Written by The ERIC Team

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