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POSTED ON 14th OCTOBER 2019 BY nada el-hammoud for ERIC

Gerald Moore Gallery

Built in 2012 on the grounds of Eltham College, an independent school, the Gerald Moore Gallery hosts ALL their exhibitions for free to push their agenda of making art accessible for all, running artist-led programmes for all age groups. The gallery supports the importance of art in schools, and their multiple programmes help foster a love of art and bring together a rich community, blurring the lines between teachers and learners, artists and observers. Their next exhibition will run between July 6th and August 31st, titled ‘Too Many Earth Wires’, showcasing recent works by Stephanie Farmer that explore ‘surfeit of objects, questionable functionality, the possibility of a black-out’.

South London Gallery

Peckham’s South London Gallery is an essential flavour in the mix of the London art scene, and all five of their yearly exhibitions are 100% free to attend. Check out their new exhibition, ‘If you know the beginning, the end is no trouble’ running 14th June - 1st September by Russian Ghanaian artist Liz Johnson. Liz will be showcasing a new body of work alongside existing photographs depicting the lives of people  African diaspora; her ongoing project, ‘The Black Balloon Archive’ has been running for more than 30 years as Liz aims to shed a light on the African diaspora across Europe, America, the Caribbean, and Africa itself. Her exhibition at the South London Gallery will focus on Black British life in London, where Liz has lived since 1991.

Danielle Arnaud Gallery

The Danielle Arnaud Gallery is located in a beautiful Georgian house and showcases works from young and emerging artists both domestically and internationally. Danielle creates a unique experience for visitors by exhibiting the art from her own home, subverting the notion that work can only be considered ‘real art’ if it shown in a gallery, and has been part of the Lambeth scene since 1995. From the 29th June to the 13th July the ‘Mercurious’ exhibit by Sarah Woodfine and Kim L Pace will be running, giving visitors an encounter with ‘strange and wonderful half-human hybrid characters, that have been drawn from the realms of the unconscious’.

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