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POSTED ON 10th december 2018 BY samar F. zia

The City of London is bursting with creatives, be it artists, actors, or designers. It is these creatives that lend the city its culture and outlook. However, as is expected with such heaving numbers, the creative fields are very difficult to break into. I spoke to Lauren Stubbs, a young and upcoming theatre actress, to get the lowdown on the most essential factors that will help aspiring actors get their foot in the (backstage) door.

Number 1. Free work

This is the toughest part of starting out as an actor. Volunteer to act for free. Get your face and skills out there, let people see you because landing a paid job from the start is very difficult. This bit is hardest on the wallet. Lauren’s advice is to find part-time jobs in a related field, such as at  local community centres and art centres conducting youth theatre workshops. If you know your craft this is a win-win situation. You learn while you teach. 

Number 2. Auditions

Just because you feel a role or character isn’t exactly your thing, you opt to not audition. Please don’t do that. Put yourself out there and if you don’t get the part, and as a means of rejection you often hear the selectors say ‘We will keep you in mind if something else pops up’. Don’t be disheartened, they actually do get in touch. This is true of Laurens experience.

Number 3. Network

Contacts are the most important thing in this industry. Numbers 1 and 2 will help you make contacts. Meet the director, the casting agent, the arts producer, anyone and everyone you can. Speak to them about your interest in acting. Quite possibly they will know someone who is looking for an actor and might just recommend you to audition or inform you of an opportunity. 

Number 4. Spotlight

Spotlight is a website that lists theatre and acting related opportunities. You need to have four acting credits or the right degree to be able to make an account on it. But if you follow the first three points, four credits should be a matter of time.

Onwards and upwards aspiring actors!


Written by Samar F. Zia

Instagram - @samarzia

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