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POSTED ON 30th September 2018 BY NATASHA MOORE


You've so much spring in your step you'd put a little lamb to shame, your parents tell you to 'calm down' and your friends nickname you 'the crazy one'. But only one person knows who you really are ( apart from yourself(which is questionable)) - Myers-Briggs. You sat the test many moons ago and you got the explanation you've been waiting for. Finally, you now know why you bounce off the walls like flubber and seem to have no filter. Because, you, my friend, are an extrovert.

So with all your lovely extrovertedness (I made this up), what creative career path may get you springing with joy inside?

Advertising - Casting director for advertisements

Your beaming personality should put the line up of actors at ease  as you pick out the Romeo and Juliet for the newest chocolate bar commercial. With any luck, you may even squeeze yourself in as an extra in the background (just don't look at the camera)!

TV, Film & Music - Seat Filler

Yes, that is correct, have you ever fancied going to a television awards ceremony, and getting paid to do so? Apparently empty seats at TV events are a real embarrassment so random people are actually paid to make up the numbers. I'm sure with your outgoing personality you could snag a few celebrity contacts while you keep the back row seat occupied.

TV & Film - Stand In or Stunt Double

Of course looking like the person is key but personality will take you a long way also. You need the courage of a lion to be able to jump off that building at a drop of a hat as a Tom Cruise's stand in or in fighting Jason Statham while falling out of a plane. Think you could take on the role?

Fashion - Personal Shopper

Your personality could really shine as you help the A-List celebs fill their closets with the most coveted clothing in fashion. With wages potentially reaching 6 figures and I'm sure the odd designer freebie, how could you say no?!

Games - Voice Actor

Perhaps you should put those impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Morgan Freeman to good use, or just be yourself in the world of voice overs. Everyone likes a character.

Arts & Culture - London Dungeon Actor

Not scared of a bit of guts and gore then perhaps scaring someone else silly on this mischief ridden medieval walkthrough is the place to be. Other immersive theatre opportunities may float your boat too, such as The Vaults or The Colab Factory.

Architecture - Industrial Designer

If large scale landscaping isn't your style then how about putting your personality into miniature scaled masterpieces. Instead of buildings think: automobiles, furniture and houseware.

Design - Waterslide Tester

How much of a splash do the new waterpark's slides create and does it really get your adrenaline going? It may be all fun and games but these serious questions need answers! Could you step up to the mark and take on hideous bum-slide burns for the sake of humanity's water park fun time? Your feedback will be critical for designers of the slides who may need to change the structure with respect to aerodynamics, or composition all because you said so! The fate of the water slide could rest in your capable hands (or bum)!

Createch -  Special Effects Artist

These artists are true magicians! Coming in a range of wonderful forms, for example,  the aesthetics - make-up and prosthetics to more tech focussed - animatronics and computer-generated images (CGI). You are guaranteed to have your hands full in this wonderful world of wizardry.

Publishing - Journalist

If you're naturally curious and a great communicator then perhaps conducting interviews and building up rapports with your readers is the career path for you.

Craft -  Sculptor

The faces of Mount Rushmore would have never of came to be has it not be for the handy work of the crafty chisellers amongst us. If you care too much about your manicure then this role may not be for you, but if you do, on the other hand (hehe see what I did there), want the opportunity of  having your work potentially showcased in world-famous museums then keep chipping away at that wood, marble and ice.

Arts & Culture - Tattoo Artist

Applying permanent images to people's skin leaves no room for error, (unless of course that's the look they're going for).  This job requires confidence, an eye for detail and patience. All the things I wish I had!!

Music - Choreographer

If you have no problem pulling shapes then perhaps shimmying your way to a nice retirement pension could be for you.

Design / TV & Film - Set Designer

Your job involves putting your imagination to good use, as you devise the decor and props for the latest film or TV production.  This will involve being both an abstract and practical thinker as you sketch floor plans and consult with producers and construction teams.

Createch - Mobile App Developer

These are founding Fathers (or Mothers :)) of Snapchat and Instagram to Candy Crush and Temple Run. Will you help shape the social media movement or latest mobile gaming trend? This role involves a combination of creative prowess and technological know-how, think you've got what it takes?

Publishing - Author

Take your personality to the pages of a thrilling crime, fantasy or drama novel. Or maybe poetry is the route for you. Either way if you have a love for expression then maybe the medium of literature may be your emotional outlet.

Craft -  Art Restorer

Many precious pieces may have came into your possession (a necklace, doll, piece of furniture.....) which may appear in rather good condition, but you never know, some may have been upholstered into their current respectable states by a very respectable fellow. Shows such as The Repair Shop make me want to become one of these clever craftsmen. This is a multi-skilled role relying on your carpentry, paintwork and overall patience to restore the beauty once lost to the hands of time.

Film & TV - Director

Your ability to communicate effectively will definitely come in handy when it's time to tell Christian Bale to smile charmingly into the camera.

Advertising - PR Assistant

If you like the idea of attending glamorous events and mingling with the stars then step into the fast-paced shoes of a Public Relations Assistant. People's reputations are in your hands so whatever you do don't drink too much expensive wine and blurt out any A-list affairs!

Games - Video Game Designer

Your expressive personality will come in use in pushing the frontiers of the gaming world. In an industry which prides itself in thinking outside the box and pushing envelopes, a playful and programmatic personality would do just fine at this fun job.

Speaking of boxes, let's not put people in boxes, the above roles could be for anyone! Introverts and extroverts alike! The bottom line is - you have to enjoy what you do. I hope one of the above grants you just that!

Written by Natasha Moore

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