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posted on 30th September 2018 by Mireille Harper

Ever looked at works of art on Instagram, and thought ‘wow, I couldn’t do that even if I tried’? Well, prepare to feel even worse once you see these incredible works of art, created by, no we’re not joking, animals. Think artistic apes, easel-loving elephants and painting primates! Here’s 5 of the best animal-created art we’ve found:


Just in case you thought dogs weren’t cute enough, meet Sammy. The pup, who is part of Shore Service Dogs, an organisation which trains service dogs and uses rescue dogs to give them a second chance at life, is also a painter. Some of Sammy’s painting have sold $1700. And for all those worried about the paint, don’t worry, Sammy’s paint is non-toxic!

Smithfield the Pig

This potbellied pig is ahead of his peers. Smithfield, otherwise known as Pigcasso, has also survived cancer twice. He creates watercolour creations using non-toxic paints by holding a brush in his mouth. Alongside painting, he’s all for entertainment and enjoys playing musical instruments, alongside his TV appearances on the likes of Oprah and Ellen.

Koopa The Turtle

Sometimes being slow and steady does really help! Koopa, the painting turtle who belonged to artist Kira Ayn Varszegi, became famous for being the ‘first professional painting turtle’ in the late 2000s, and produced nearly 900 paintings in his lifetime! The last that was heard of him was that he had  retired, and is no longer in the business of painting. We hope he’s relaxing somewhere!

The Monkey Selfie

Perhaps the most recent development in animal art, Celebes crested macaques caused a stir when they took selfies using equipment belonging to British nature photographer David Slater. Yes, it’s not painting or drawing, but isn’t the selfie a development in the world of self-portraits? One of the selfie pictures was so beautifully pictured it went viral, sparking a debate over who owned the copyright for the image - the animal that took it or the human who owned the equipment? We’ve gotta give it to the macaque - for that grin!

Controversial Naruto selfie image

Controversial Naruto selfie image

Written by Mireille Harper

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