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Posted on 17th SEPTEMBER 2018 by MIREILLE HARPER

Liverpool is well-known for its arts and culture scene. It’s home to legends such as The Beatles, the great writer Beryl Bainbridge Sir Henry Tate, the man who donated 65 paintings and £80, 000 towards what is now known as Tate Britain. However, you rarely hear anything about the Liverpool creative startups revolutionising the industry now. We’re here to tell you about the top five creative startups you should know about!

Steam School

Liverpool’s revolutionary ed-tech startup is making waves. STEAM stands for science, technology, education, arts and mathematics, and the term serves to inspire those working in STEM subjects to be more creative. The startup was launched in 2018 and uses the power of technology to introduce global innovators to schools across the UK. The innovative startup also hosts weekly podcasts with role models across science, tech and digital media!


Liverpool is also home to DoES - a co-working space for entrepreneurs and creatives, workshops, events and more in its maker space on Kempson Street. DoES promotes a diverse community, with their meeting rooms, open co-working desk areas, and rooms boasting 3D printers, laser cutters and more.


This Liverpool-based gaming startup was founded by industry veterans, with the aim of engaging players with rich original gameplay experiences, creating outstanding visuals and building communities around every game it develops. The multi-game developer is home to some of the gaming industry’s biggest developers and is setting Liverpool as the new place for gaming startups.

Liverpool Audio Network

This startup/social enterprise is helping to build a brilliant new cultural music scene to develop co-operative intelligence and mental well-being in Liverpool! Dedicated to develop the music industry famous for producing the likes of The La’s and Echo & The Bunnymen, Liverpool Audio Network hosts events to create opportunities for attendees, and aims to challenge disconnection and creative isolation in the industry.

Jelly Liverpool

This brilliant startup brings free co-working gatherings to Liverpool for those who freelance or work remotely/from home. It also acts as a pop-up office, offering visitors with free coffee, WiFi, and a place to work. The space is geared towards allowing for creatives, developers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and connect.


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