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posted on 30th September 2018 by Nekquai Adeniyi

What’s an ‘Obby?’


Before writing this article I had no idea what the hell ‘Obby’was. (An abbreviation of the word ‘hobby,’perhaps?) Thanks to Google, I’ve now wised up and am proud to be able to say you can come to me for advice on exactly where to go if you wanna learn a new skill. Drum roll, please…

“With passionate teachers and inspiring environments, Obby is on a mission to get everyone to rethink learning. From pottery to salsa, piano to Spanish, discover the best classes, courses and workshops London has to offer.” –

Obby are all about grabbing life by the balls (or the bull’s horns, if you’re funny about holding onto genitals). Working with specially selected teachers, they provide courses for Londoners to engage with in a non – stressy, fun environment. Many people hated school because of the restrictive rules and prison-like learning structure. Having been introduced to the world only three years ago, Obby are on a mission to continue to ease people back into the process of learning whilst simultaneously breaking them out of this mentality that associates classes and workshops with pressure, stress, boredom and dissatisfaction.

Prices on Obby range from OMG how is this so cheap?! to will I regret this tomorrow morning when I wanna go to pret for lunch with my colleague? If you wanna get more of an idea of how awesome this site is, check out our list of courses we’re dying to try below! Plus, if your class doesn’t meet your expectations, you get your money back, guaranteed.

Cuban Salsa for Beginners

Delivered by: Baila Cuba Dance

Length: 1 hour

Location: Various

Price: £7 p/p

Shake your booty to some Cuban salsa music and get a chance to make new friends at this awesome dance class!

Private 2:1 General Italian Lessons

Delivered by: City Lingual

Length: 1 hour

Location: Flexible

Price: From £25 p/p

If the thought of learning a new language sounds appealing to you, maybe you should consider this class! Book a session at a time or pay for a nice chunk of 5 – 10 sessions all at once and get to learning quick!

Sculpture Night - Faces

Delivered by: Studio Masterpiece

Length: 3 hours

Location: London Bridge

Price: £35 p/p

Bring some clay to life in this 3 hour workshop at London Bridge – beginner’s welcome! Expect to get messy and bring your own wine (the teachers actually encourage you to bring your own alcohol to the event. Is this not cool?)

Tai Chi in the Morning

Delivered by: St Margarets House

Length: 1 hour

Location: Bethnal Green

Price: £5p/p

Trying to maintain in good health both mentally and physically can be hard to tackle at times when life gets complicated… but a little downtime now and then should be a priority for you. If you start working smart, you can find the time to relax and this hour long tai chi morning course could be just the thing for you.

Neon Naked Life Drawing Class

Delivered by: Neon Naked Life

Length: 2 hours

Location: Various

Price: £12 p/p

Like getting artistic in the nude? Haha, just kidding. You don’t have to strip to take part in this workshop. But the neon UV lights and reactive body paints do give off a bit of a 90’s rave vibe…

Perfume Making Experience with Prosecco

Delivered by: The Secret Scent Société

Length: 2 hours

Location: Hatton Garden

Price: £95 p/p

They mentioned Prosecco – in my head I’m there already! Plus, you know whenever a word’s got an apostrophe thingy over it that whatever you’re gonna be doing is gonna be posh. ‘Société’ has two… And to top it all off it’s taking place in a fancy garden in one of London’s most creative locations – Camden! Also, did I mention the Prosecco?

Workshop Superclub: Sushi

Delivered by: The Avenue Cookery School

Length: 2 hours

Location: Wandsworth Town

Price: £55 p/p

Love sushi? Ever considered learning how to make it? Wandsworth is the place to go if you do!

Family run business: The Avenue Cookery School have classes that you can sign up to starting from 26th September.

Bookbinding for Beginners at Drink Shop & Do!

Delivered by: Amber Cooper Davies

Length: 2.5 hours

Location: Kings Cross

Price: £30 p/p

Ever wanted to try your hand at bookbinding? This 2.5 hour workshop hosted by Illustrator and paper artist Amber Cooper Davies is a great way to get started – Perfect for beginners. Classes from 21st October

Pregnancy Yoga

Delivered by: St Margarets House

1 hour, Bethnal Green, £10 p/p

Got a cute bump that’s more than just a food baby? St Margarets House also offer yoga sessions for mums to be. So if you’re into the idea of doing some flexing and stretching with baby, why not book a session?

Acoustic Guitar Classes

Delivered by: Tony Rath

1 hour, Walthamstow, £35 p/p

Got a bunch of musical bones in your skeleton? Why not try out these acoustic guitar classes and see if you’ve got what it takes to produce a melody worthy to be heard by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber?


Written by Nekquai Adeniyi

Instagram: @theageingyouth

Facebook: Niah Nekquai

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