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posted on 30th September 2018 by Nekquai Adeniyi

(I’m sorry guys, issa bit of a long ting, this article. But we’ve only done it cos we love you, cos we care… so show us you care about your career too and get to reading!)

Nowadays it seems dressing for that all-important interview doesn’t always require a fresh suit and top dollar tie. Finding the right outfit creates an opportunity to express your unique personality whilst also reflecting your ability to perform well in a professional environment.

Our first tip? Relax yo self, cos our ERIC team has got your back! It doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t need to be stressful. Once you realise this, things will get easier, we promise. So what type of jobs might you go for and what do you wear to your interview?


The (slightly) Corporate Company VS The entry level job

First things first, refresh yourself with information about the company. What are their values and what type of people do they outline as “ideal candidates” in their job description? This is good to do for any interview tbh - finding out the answers to these questions can be really helpful in giving you a clear idea of how to present yourself. If the role you’re going for is more on the business end, you might consider dressing up a wee bit more. Maybe get a nice tie to go with those slim fit trousers, or some low heeled shoes to match the subtle Ankara pattern stitched along the length of that skirt.

Just remember to keep the look practical and appropriate to the setting that you’re working in. I.e, if you’re looking to bag a job as a runner, don’t show up to work in 6 inch heels… it may not necessarily lower your chances of getting the job, but the point of the entire meeting is that you want the person interviewing you to be able to visualise you in the position you’ve applied for. So dressing for what the job entails is a good idea. We’re not saying to turn up fully kitted out in industrial boots, jeans an apron and work belt if you’re applying for a job working in leather! But it is good to consider practicality and context.

The Young Start Up

If in doubt, keep it smart and casual. A pair of dark coloured trousers, jeans or skirt paired with some smart shoes and a shirt can’t fail. This look is extremely versatile. You can take it from ‘I’m just starting out and we both know this job is piss easy but I’m trying to work my way up, here’ to ‘if you give me the chance, I’ma make this £14,000 a year salary look damn good.’ But if this sounds a little boring to you, switch it up! You’re a creative, after all and the interviewer knows that. It’s why they’re looking to hire you! Remember, we want them to be able to visualise you working for them, not sweaty Sandra across the road. So it’s okay to add a little bold statement piece such as a pair of bright shoes, a bag with a pop of colour, or a piece of nice jewellery, just don’t over do it. Make sure you keep the look smart!

The Holy Grail

This is it. This is your moment. This is the interview for your dream job. Simplicity is key: we want something that screams “hire me, bitch!” But in a charming, confident and endearing way, not an aggressive, counterproductive way. (For the love of god, please don’t swear during the interview!) Clearly we want to impress and get your personality across. So when you’re thinking about what to wear, be you… but be smart. Dress for this interview the way you would for a day out with Drake – in your best stuff. Having said that, please steer clear of revealing or very tight fitted clothing… we don’t wanna give off the wrong impression. It’s great if you look attractive but keep the sexiness levels on the down low. Remember, this is a place of work and we want to give off the impression that we are professionals.

The Randomer

We know it’s very strange… but sometimes, interviews and opportunities just happen upon us. Last week I went to a meeting and came home with a job offer! The previous day my tutor had text me randomly with an internship opportunity involving the building of a set for London Fashion Week SS19. I don’t know what kinda energy I must have been giving off that week but it felt good to be hot property for a min, I’m not gonna lie. Opportunities are everywhere and on the rare occasions when they find you, my advice would be to jump on them. You never know what could come from it!

Obviously in these cases, it’s hard to prepare for something you don’t know is going to happen. So I suppose it’s best to just say that when you get up in the mornings to go about your daily routine, dress like you’ve got somewhere important to be. Like you mean something to yourself. Like you already have your dream job. Everyone has lazy days fam. Sometimes you need them! But if it can be helped, try not to show up anywhere looking like the version of you that likes to walk around the house in minions boxers at 7 in the morning. Think of yourself as a brand that needs to be packaged well. Make sure you show off the side of you that’s passionate about things and shows you’re determined to get what you want out of life. (You know, the version of yourself you wouldn’t mind all your neighbours seeing.) Remember also, you’re never fully dressed without a smile! ☺

The Job that Pays the Bills

There may likely be a time in your life where you just need one of those jobs that will pay the bills. It might not always be possible to get a job doing something in the field you want to go into and it’s more than likely that this is due to a lack of experience in that area more than anything else. Employers like to see proof beforehand that you can do what the job entails (hence why portfolios are so important, but that’s an article for another time!) This can be disheartening, but it’s alright. If you keep on keeping on (bit of Kehlani, anyone?) with your goals at the forefront of your mind, you’ll get what you want eventually.

Even though this isn’t the interview for your dream job, it could still take you places you weren’t expecting, so take our advice and put that charm to good use. You could very well learn a new skill that makes you an asset in the field you really want to go for – you just never know! So keep your head up and your heart strong, my g. Also, keep reading ERIC. We got good vibes over here.


Written by Nekquai Adeniyi

Instagram: @theageingyouth

Facebook: Niah Nekquai

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