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posted on 9th September 2018 by mireille harper

Are you a fashion fiend? Struggling to find your people? Fear not! Despite the magnitude of the internet, there are pockets where you can find people who live and breathe the newest trends, brands, and job opportunities in fashion. Here’s our guide on how to find your fashion tribe online. 


Facebook Groups

Thought Facebook was for your Aunties and Grandmas? You’re probably right, but a lot of fashion people hang out on this social media site, too! Discover groups by searching terms such as ‘fashion uk’ or ‘fashion groups’, and you’ll likely find a heap of groups covering fashion job opportunities, fashion blogger groups, or fashion networks!


The Dots

The Dots is known for its cool aesthetic and edgy personality. It’s the perfect hub for creative people who feel LinkedIn is just too corporate! On The Dots, you can discover the newest photographers, publicists, stylists and more across the fashion and arts industries.


Fashion Forums

For those of you who like to chat with fellow fashion lovers, your best bet for hanging out online is on fashion forums. Whether you’re passionate about British fashion in general, or want to check out areas such as sustainability and ethics in fashion, you’ll find all of this online. Search on Google to find what you’re looking for. We suggest The Fashion Spot!



You wouldn’t think YouTube would be the place for fashionistas, but you’d be surprised! With enough haul, new buy, and fashion tip videos to last a lifetime, YouTube is a great place to hang out with fellow fashion lovers. Check out the comments - you can discuss trends and advice, find out about new websites and meet new people!



Want to find more opportunities to turn virtual relationships into offline ones? Check out Meetup - there’s everything from fashion groups dedicated to women of colour and modest dressing, to sustainable designers. It’s the perfect place to network with industry pros and upcoming talent!


Written by Mireille Harper

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