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posted on 9th September 2018 by mireille harper

Does networking feel like a mindfield to you? Don’t worry, it’s the same for the majority of people! When it comes to networking, it’s hard to feel relaxed. Whether it’s worrying about what to say, how to say, or when to say it, it can seem like the most daunting task. Luckily, the holy grail of turning dummies into pros AKA YouTube has all the vids you need. Here’s our top channels to help you become a networking guru.


Who doesn’t love TEDx? The brilliant talks cover everything from relationships and friendships, to coping with mental and physical illness. TEDx is the perfect place to watch gurus, who have worked in recruitment, sports, creative industries and everything in-between, talk about how they network with people and how to do so effectively! We recommend David Burkus’ How To Hack Networking.

Charisma on Command

Ideal for those who like things short and snappy. Charisma on Command has a great guide on how to network if you’re naturally an introvert, and not so confident in the art of conversation. He has a 4 step guide to how to make a killer impression - we reckon you’ll nail it after watching his 8-minute video!

Confidence Triggers

If what you really need is how to develop your confidence/fake it until you make it, you need Confidence Triggers in your life. Their videos focus on how to appear confident, and what not to do. Watch their 10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Networking Skills video, which is part of their How To Network series, and you’ll feel better about the prospect in no time.

Jodie Fox

Only have time for a quick pep talk? Check out Jodie Fox’s Business Networking Tips For Shy People  - it’s 2 minutes, so perfect if you’re on your way to an event and need a vote of confidence. She’s a naturally shy person herself, and talks about the rewards of networking, even when it’s daunting. Priceless advice!

Amy Landino

If you hate networking, watch this channel! Amy Landino talks about her hatred for networking, and how she makes it work for her as an introvert. She talks through getting through the stages of fear and embarrassment, and how to approach networking positively!


Written by Mireille Harper

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