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Posted on 9th September 2018 by Maddy Abela

Everyone needs a sprinkle of inspiration to break up work and school, we got you! PS: We don’t want to make you broke, so all these events are 100% free. Woo!


1. Vauxhall Park Lavender Harvest

Want to be one with nature? Vauxhall Park are hosting a lavender harvest, which is basically a great excuse to go along and smell some lavender. Hmm... relaxing.

When? 8th September


2. DRAG: Self portraits and body politics

Put on your most glam shoes and step into the world of drag at Southbank’s new exhibition. Drag queens and kings are some of the most resilient and inspirational people out there, so why are you still here? Go get inspired!

When? All month, lucky you.


3. Tai Chi in London Fields

Whether it’s self defence or breathing techniques you want a taste for, join Master Simon Wong for a healthy dose of chinese philosophy and Tai Chi. If you’re not inspired after spending an hour and half with him, I’ll eat my shoe.

When? Every Saturday


4. Creativity+Humanity

If you want to be inspired by some of the senior people at Google, P&G and CNN, put this event down in your diary right now! The day will explore the theme of creativity and its link to technology; moreover, how technology can hinder and help brands’ communication with its audience.

When? 12th September


5. I’m still here

Okay, so here’s another gem of an exhibition that is being held at the wonderful Southbank Centre. ‘I’m still here’ is an incredible exhibition showing art created by ex-offenders and detainees. The work in the exhibition has actually been carefully selected by families supporting someone inside prison. If you want to be inspired by change and artist ability, this is a great exhibition for you.

When? All month

Written by Maddy Abela

Instagram: @happydazexox

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