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posted on 9th September 2018 by Nekquai Adeniyi


I know multiple people who commute to uni from outside central London.

A friend of mine travels from Essex every morning, another from Kent. My tutor travels from Brighton and has been known to take flights in from France after a weekend away, another tutor I know regularly flies in from Amsterdam… My own boyfriend even considered commuting to and from Wales to do a course at university – a level of commitment I found as admirable as it was mad (when will we see each other, please?) So what’s so appealing about commuting from outside London? Cos I’ve spoken to each of these people about their opinions and I can tell ya, they don’t do it for the scenic views. At least, the sane ones don’t.

From what I can tell, there’s two factors that contribute to making the decision to travel on a long ting. The first is passion for the job or opportunity. Passion should never be underestimated. That drive you have can take you to some serious places if you let it! The second is travel costs.

If you knew you could save hundreds of pounds commuting to your job from outside London, would you consider moving to a new country just to slash some bills? Don’t lie to me, boo. Yes, you would. If you answered no, you’re either extremely boring or you simply haven’t grasped the enormity of the idea I have just presented to you. Ever the faithful friend, I shall explain it to you my g’s.

According to, you could travel to London within 2.5 hours from several different European countries including Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France, Germany and Belgium. Obviously travel time is dependent on specific locations. For example, if you live outside the city or on the outskirts of a country, it might take you a lot longer to travel to an airport location. You’d also have to consider potential problems and unforeseeable circumstances such as cancelled flights or delays. Regardless of where you live, public transport is public transport and if you’re the type who hates bus rides longer than 20 minutes, this is clearly not for you!

If you asked me if to travel 3.5 hours to my job, I would probably look at you and ask

A) are you mad?

B) Are you offering to pay for my travel?

If the answer to B was no, I’d probably ask you A again. Who in their right mind would travel longer than 2 hours to work? I’m telling you, people do it!

Why, though?

The biggest question on my mind right now is why would you subject yourself to such torture? For those of you who live/study/work in London, you know the deal. Life is pretty cool here – London is a treasure trove of talent – a multicultural and ever-evolving environment which churns out some of the most diverse creatives in the world. The opportunities that exist for creative work here (although hard to break into) are amaze-balls.

On top of this, inspiration exists pretty much wherever you go. From places like South London Gallery down in SE London to Camden Market in NW London. Night life is also pretty cool, if you don’t mind spending crazy amounts of cash on a single pint. Some people are out here tryna live life like Drake - up in the club buying drinks for everyone, doing the type of foolishness guaranteed to leave you bankrupt but that will definitely have you trying to recall some mad memories. On the plus side, you may also wake up with loads of new numbers on your phone from new friends who like to party like you do, so its not all bad.

But travel here is a pain in the ass. Like, a serious pain in the ass.  Travelling during rush hour is the worst. No one wants to spend their morning or evening on multiple packed up tubes and bulked out buses. But alas, it’s what comes with living here. Everything’s got to have a balance, right?

So if you could cheat the system the way you could glitch in a game… (which I’m not at all recommending, btw) would you take the risk?


Written by Nekquai Adeniyi

Instagram: @theageingyouth

Facebook: Niah Nekquai

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