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Posted on 9th september 2018 by Natasha Moore

Not only does the smell of rotting seaweed and the sight of chip thieving seagulls make me want to slap on the sun cream and shimmy on down to the seaside, but so too does the idea of getting down and dirty with a couple of crayons and my new colouring book. That’s right folks, coastlines up and down the country have been spawning quite the selection of creative havens over the last couple of years. Let me share some with you so you can enjoy them too (just don’t forget the factor 50!)…


Bristol: Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone

Ok, so we’re not strictly next to the sea but they do have the River Avon and are really just a stones-throw away from Portishead and the lovely muddy Weston-super-Mare. The western gem naturally has creativity oozing from every corner of the place, from Gloucester Road to the heart of the edgy city. So its only natural that I bring your undivided attention to the Temple! As a £300 million new- build hub of creation, it aims to attract 17,000 jobs by 2037. Focussing on 4 key sectors: Hit-tech, creative and digital, low carbon and professional services.


Argyll: Whitehouse Studio Painting Holidays

All you need is a canvas and a great view, there will be no shortage of either on this picturesque Scottish retreat. Where you can embark on a short stay residential at the coast and gain professional tuition on how to better your painting skills. Courses cater to all levels of ability.


Devon (and London): Urban Writer's Retreat

Newton Abbot offers a country house close to the coast for you to mingle with fellow wordsmiths and make scripts, poems and everything inbetween that otherwise could not have been created had you been sitting in your box bedroom back in Harrow.  The founder is a self-proclaimed 'olympic procrastinator' and so set they founded these one-day retreats as a means for writers to get their creative juices flowing and even collaborate on pieces. 


Folkestone: Folkestone Triennial

'UK seaside towns are on the radar to become the next big creative hubs as London's living prices soar' claims a local freelance artists. Tourism is definitely on the rise on the coastlines of Kent, especially for the triennial festival which celebrates creativity by showcasing art exhibitions, a push for a new art school is even in the works in the local area to encourage young people to not overlook any of their artistic talents. Also on my radar is the town's Creative Quarter, a regeneration project funded largely by the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, giving up and coming artists and local retailers the opportunity to become a part of this community.

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St. Ives: Tate

Cornwall has to be one of the most beautiful places in the UK, apart from my bed ofcourse. But what could make it any better? A nice workshop on tattooing but ofcourse. Or how about some Cornish wine tasting sessions or a bit of a go with some botanical inks. Workshops for the crafty creative kind can be found in no other place but - The Tate. This palace of art hugs the coastline so you can kill two birds with one stone (Literally those gulls are a nuisance), paddle in the Atlantic ocean and do some subtle sketching in the Tate. Day sorted!

Well, I hope my 5 listed creative hubs have given you some inspiration to head seaward, even if only for the weekend!


Written by Natasha Moore

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