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Posted on 9th september 2018 by Natasha Moore

Who doesn’t love a cosy night in with a mug of tea and a date with Come Dine With Me in Mid-Winter? But you know what would be better than this cosy love affair?  Getting stuck in to these 10 top Autumn/Winter events:

1. London Fashion Week: 14th – 18th September 2018

Despite feeling like a slob practically everyday of my life, there are some days of the year where I feel even slobbier than usual. Thank you LFW! But perhaps if unlike me you do infact have a fashionable bone in your body (which you probably do), you may have the pleasure of swanning along the catwalk or even sitting front row. Perhaps you're presenting at the event or offering your own advice on camera? Whether we are all there or not, we can still gain valuable insight and inspiration from the livestream, right? Throughout the week LFW will be hosting a range of pop up events around the city for those of us unable to make the catwalk (we're too busy): 'Another Space' - a fitness boutique are hosting a LFW themed spin class, Chubby Cloud by Anya Hindmarch  - sink into the world's largest bean bag to celebrate LFW or  see Stan Smith sign his self-titles Adidas shoe and new book in-store at Dover Street Market. Infact have a look at all these!


 2. Frieze Masters: 4th – 7th October 2018

160 of the world’s top contemporary art galleries share their most coveted pieces with us at this 3 day annual art event in Regent’s Park. Two individual art fairs function adjacent to eachother:

  1. Frieze London – showcases the best contemporary art

  2. Frieze Masters – exhibits art from the past.

For all you budding ‘artistes’ out there, get your canvases down to the regal garden in early October.


3. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay: 30th December 2018 – 1st January 2019

The Edinburgh castle sets the iconic backdrop of a spectacular fireworks display on New Year’s Eve every year. Street parties will be thrown, candlelit concerts, torchlight processions and what better way to top it all off than with some Loony Dook. Have a look into Loony Dook if you don’t already know what it is!


4. London’s New Year’s Day parade: 1st January 2019

As if London’s streets weren’t already bustling, prepare for the parade of the year, quite literally! The 8,000 strong performers including acrobats, cheerleaders and marching bands will make their jolly way through some of London’s most popular hotspots including Piccadilly, Trafalgar Square and Parliament Street. A spectacle not to be missed!


5. Chinese New Year: 5th February 2019

Prepare to be entertained by the enchanting acrobatics of the colourful dragons and lions celebrating the Chinese New Year. London’s Chinatown, West End and Trafalgar Square areas will be flushed red and gold, live traditional performances will be peppered around the city, food will be in its abundance and people will be merry with celebration. What’s not to love? Put this in your calendar!! 


6. Visit the UK’s festival city: October 2018, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire                    

For most places, festivals start to come to a close as the cold weather truly makes itself known. But oh no, not in Nottingham. For they’re a hardy bunch, October is not a month to fear but to embrace as the cider is on tap at the Robin Hood Beer & Cider festival,   and let’s not forget to mention the Robin Hood Pageant.   But don’t worry it’s not all bows and arrows, music festivals and travelling fairs also make an appearance in the events rich city.


7. Christmas Lights at Kew Gardens: 22nd November 2018 - 5th January 2019

These gardens are beautiful at anytime of the year, like Alice on Wonderland brought to life. Yet there really is something special about the annual lights show at Christmas, promising over a million sparkling pea-lights and thousands of lazer beams how could you be turned off by this event?


8. Silent Halloween Disco Boat - 27th October 2018                                               

Throwing shapes on a boat sailing down the Thames on the spookiest night of the year may sound like a disaster to some. But really, the only disaster will be if you don't win best dressed for your over the top pumpkin outfit! Who doesn't love a boat party with a twist? Silent disco's are hilariously fun, and so is being a pumpkin for a night, so get onboard. 



9. Yayoi Kusama Exhibition at the Victoria Miro gallery: 3rd October - 21st December 2018

The famous 'infinity mirror room' (you know the one Adele filmed one of her music videos in) will be present once again as the artist's best work takes centre stage at the wharf road galleries this coming October. In addition to her masterpieces including: new paintings, flower sculptures and bronze pumpkins. If unfamiliar with the artist's style think: eccentric, surrealism and pop art. Did I mention it was free?

10. Space Shifters at The Hayward Gallery: 26th September 2018 - 6th January 2019

Prepare for your senses to be well and truly altered by the creations of 20+ international artists' visually stunning pieces. Psychologically testing by the translucent and resin to glass and wooden made structures, this exhibition is not to be missed. Unlike some where you all crowd around an image the size of a postage stamp, here marking the Hayward gallery's 50th anniversary you will find architectural dramatism to site-specific subtleties and everything inbetween. An event that screws with your head, how could you wanna miss this one out?!



I hope the 10 above won't be leaving you with any Winter blues, if they do, just head off to Tenerife instead!


Written by Natasha Moore

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