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Posted on 2nd September 2018 by Maddy Abela

The national minimum wage is something that you definitely ought to have your smarts about. It’s so unfair that last year 260 employers failed to pay the UK minimum wage. But what exactly is the national minimum wage?

In essence, the national minimum wage is the minimum amount of money an employer has to pay an employee who’s under the age of 25. It’s calculated as a rate per hour and is the same throughout the UK. Every April the rates are changed, and lucky for you they increase! Let's take a look at the national minimum wage for this year:

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Why is there more than one minimum wage?

Well, your national minimum wage depends on your age, the older you are the more money you have to be paid as a minimum. Another thing you might notice is that the apprentice rate is lower than the normal rate. We’ll go into this in a bit more detail...

Unlike the normal rate, the age bracket for apprentice rate is slightly different. If you’re an apprentice under 19 or over 19 but in your first year of an apprentice you are entitled to the apprentice rate. Whereas, if you are over 19 and have been an apprentice for more than two years, you’re entitled to the national minimum wage (for your age group).

So, this stuff is pretty important, huh?

But what happens if you’re not getting paid the national minimum wage for your age? Firstly, raise the issue with your employer that is certainly not on! And if that doesn’t help, you can contact the ACAS helpline who will help you out.

Remember, this is serious business, the company can be taken to court by HMRC (government) if they’re unfairly paying you, so speak up!

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Written by Maddy Abela

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