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posted on 3rd September 2018 by mireille harper

Nowadays, you may hear the phrase ‘agency’ often in the advertising world. The likes of Atomic London and Recipe are names you may have come across. But what do they actually do? Advertising agencies can cover a wealth of things, so here’s our breakdown to understanding the different types, what they do, and much more! 

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

Branding Agency

In simple terms, a branding agency is a company that specialises in creating, launching, and rebranding brands. They more or less create, plan and manage branding strategies for clients, and particularly specialise in developing brands, and communicating an effective message to their client’s audience, whether that’s sending the right message to the likes of Innocent Drinks’ customers, or rebranding a company after a crisis (think Sports Direct!).

Design Agency

Design agencies, otherwise known as studios, deal with the, you guessed it, design side of branding. This can include anything and everything from creating a logo for the brand, designing the marketing materials such as flyers and leaflets, and managing illustrators and designers for the brand to keep a consistent look!   

PR Agency

Confused by PR? Aren’t we all! A PR agency is responsible for a lot of different functions, but the main focus for a PR agency is telling potential customers about the product or service their client provides, finding new customers, and retaining customers by ensuring the relationship between the company and its buyers is secure. PR agencies can also help during crises such as scandals or management changes! They also are responsible for building new relationships with customers, employees, investors, media and the public!

Marketing Agency

Every day, there are thousands of new marketing roles. Marketing is big money, and sometimes getting a marketing agency on board can prove handy for reaching new customers and making a profit! Marketing agencies create and implement strategies, from creating billboards to managing social media, and conduct research to increase the sales and profits of companies whilst also building relationships with audiences within their reach!

Digital Agency

A digital agency is very similar to an advertising agency, but rather than focusing on the likes of TV and print media, it looks at the digital needs of a company. Whether that’s delivering creative or tech solutions for apps, websites or social media, they manage this side of the business.


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