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Posted on 20th August 2018 by Maddy Abela

My name is Bond, James Bond. Actually, hold up, let’s rewind for a second. We’re about to shake things up a little here with this James Bond business. Whilst the likes of Daniel Craig and Sean Connery have worn the shoes of James Bond, that’s all about to change. So, this begs the question, who should be the next James Bond?!


Here’s who we think should audition for the part, but let us know what you think by tweeting us @eric_festival or pop us an email Well, let’s dive in...

1. Idris Elba

Okay, we know he recently confirmed he's not going to be Bond, but who gives a shit, we all know he'd have been fucking fantastic! You may know him from the hit TV series Luther or the other hit TV series The Wire. But if you don’t, here is why the Hackney-born actor would make a great James Bond. Firstly, his acting is so impeccable it could bring you to tears. Secondly, he’s super dedicated and even spent three years perfecting his American accent for The Wire! Now you can go back to drooling over his abs...

2. Jamie Dornan

Fifty shades of Bond? Fifty Shades’ Christian Grey, is probably as good as handling guns as he is with rope. Not only does Jamie capture James Bonds’ charm in all his acting- he also is a bit of a dark horse which James Bond is too. For instance, whilst preparing for a role as a serial killer, Dornan followed a woman off the tube (the underground system in London)!

3. John Boyega

I barely see why I have to explain this nomination. John Boyega is just so damn cool. Am I biased because I loved his acting in both the Star Wars franchise and Detroit, maybe a little. But Boyega has so much acting goodness that he injects into every role he takes on. And whilst, yes ‘acting goodness’ is not a technical term, Boyega does more than just act. He’s a strong believer in shaking up the current UK education system. In an interview with the Guardian, he said ‘is the system currently catered to the variety of brains we have? Hell no. Stop teaching us bullshit.’ Go Boyega!

4. Ru Paul

I get it. Ru Paul isn’t the first person that comes to mind when you think ‘James Bond’. But let’s dissect this a little. Does Ru Paul have the sass needed to fend of enemies? Check. Does Ru Paul have the fashion expertise to not only look great in a suit but to style it too? Check. Does Ru Paul not slay in everything, from his drag race show to his music? Check. Well, in that case, he sounds like a pretty solid nomination for me.

5. Daniel Radcliffe

Known for his role as Harry Potter, Radcliffe has been in a variety of different movies, such as his most recent film: ‘Jungle’ and has also performed in Theatre too. So, he’s talented in every element of the word. Also, who can deny that a James Bond who off screen is a LGBTQ activist isn’t a match made in heaven? We don’t want our new James Bond to not be charitable and caring too, right?

6. Ellen DeGeneres

The Queen of Comedy, Ellen DeGeneres, is iconic in any role she takes on. Whether that be Dory in the Finding Nemo franchise or as Ellen in her own talk show. Now I know what you might be thinking, James Bond is a man. Ellen is a woman, not a man. But, so what? If she can kill the role- and her on screen enemies- as James Bond, then what’s the problem?

7. Stormzy

Now maybe Stormzy doesn’t strike you as someone who would do any acting, since he’s a rapper, but stay with me on this one. The English rapper is creating waves- and not just the sound type- in other fields such as education and social activism. Recently, for instance, he’s teamed up with Cambridge University to provide black students with a scholarship programme so that they can study at the prestigious university no matter their skin colour. So, who says that Stormzy can’t delve into acting and be the first black James Bond?

8. Hugh Jackman

The Aussie stud is the perfect nomination for the next James Bond. He’s fricking Wolverine, so Jackman definitely knows a thing or two about the magical world of film and trust us, he’s got a lot to bring to the James Bond table. And I bet you didn’t know, at school, he played rugby, cricket did high jumping and was even on the swimming team! I think Jackman is the whole package ladies and gentlemen.

9. Mike Myers

Groovy baby! Myers demonstrates such a high level of versatility in the roles he plays that we wouldn’t be surprised if he absolutely smashed the role of James Bond too. You might recognise him as Guru Pitka, Austin Powers and hmmm you might have seen him as Shrek in the incredibly popular Dreamworks animated film Shrek. The point is, he is such a great entertainer that he would grace the stage as James Bond.

10. Jennifer Lawrence

She is beauty, she is grace. Lawrence was the ultimate badass as Katniss in the Hunger Games Trilogy and as Mystique in the X- Men series too. Isn’t James Bond a badass too? She’s also a renowned actress who’s won academy awards, golden globe awards and critics’ choice awards to name a few. The immense training that she did for the Hunger Games made her a pro in archery, and a fitness queen. Bring it on Jennifer Lawrence!

Written by Maddy Abela

Instagram: @happydazexox

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