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Posted on 20th August 2018 by Maddy Abela

Getting a job can be hard. There’s so much competition out there and how can you even stand out nowadays? Well, rest assured, here are some weird ways people tried to get a job (spoiler: they all succeeded).

1. The Great British Bake Job

Katie Oldham wanted to work at a magazine, but the way she went about spreading her name really put the icing on the cake (quite literally). She set up a website and ordered dozens of cupcakes with edible QR code icing that, when scanned, led you to her website. Then she found the contact information for her favourite magazine headquarters and delivered the cupcakes. As a result, she bagged an internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine!


2. Job in a bottle

Similarly, to Oldham, Taylor had ambitions that he wanted to achieve. An aspiring brew master, Taylor applied for the position of assistant brewer at a brewery. But how he rocked up to the interview is the interesting part. To the interview, Taylor brought a bottle of brew (homemade at his apartment of course) and put his resume on the bottle as a label. He got the job that day, and was promoted to brew master within a year.

3. ‘I want a job’- the song

Arielle LaGuette, singer and account executive at Flavor, found out about the opening of a new job and was so excited she that she sang about it. No, really, she did. During a lunch break, she went home and wrote a song about the company she was applying to. Then, she uploaded her song to Youtube, shared it with a friend who worked at the company (who passed it onto the Big Cheese) and submitted her resume and cover letter. Voila, or should I say la la, she got the job!


4. Google me a job

Alec Brownstein used his smarts and the Google search engine to get a job. He paid 15 cents (about 10 pence) to be the top Google result that came up when a bunch of different advertising executives googled their names. Now, he knew that every now and then they would have a cheeky Google search of their own name and he was right! Ian Reichenthal, an executive creative director, saw his add and invited him in for an interview and received a job offer from Reichenthal.


5. Going viral for a job

Adam Pacitti wanted a job, but was pretty broke and tired of job hunting. Aren’t we all? But Pacitti used the £500 he had left to put himself on a billboard. He tweeted a picture of himself posing next to the billboard and it attracted so much online attention that the picture went viral. Soon after, he received over 100 job offers and he ended up with a job as a viral video producer. Nice one Adam!


Written by Maddy Abela

Instagram: @happydazexox

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