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Posted on 27th AUGUST 2018 by Natasha Moore

If you've ever felt like the oddball, then chances are that you probably are the oddball. But fear not, for these quips and quirks could be blessings in disguise. Perhaps even making you more creative than you could ever have imagined?! Let me explain:


1. Being Left-Handed

Artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Michelangelo Buonarroti were all lefties. Coincidence or does the power of the paintbrush sit between thine left thumb and finger? Although still highly  debated as to whether lefties are more creative than righties, it is a fact however that left-handed people do have an advantage in certain sports such as boxing and tennis. Due to the fact that most athletes are use to facing a right-handed competitor and so in the off chance that they face a left-handed one they can be taken more off guard as they can't predict the movement of a leftie who is a more unfamiliar opponent in most cases. Do not make fun of left-handed people, note made!

2. Being The Middle Child

A fact close to my own heart, I'm not first born so I'm not the golden child, but I wasn't last born so I'm not the baby of the family to dote over. I'm the 'filler' kid! But before I wallow too much, there is a silver lining. My creativity! Theorized that because you don't have the same pressure and watchful gaze over you from the 'rents, you are instead free to express yourself and to be as independently creative as you'd like. (I'm not saying creativity isn't in the veins of my siblings but just let me have this one damn thing to gloat about. They had my parents love!!!!!)



3. Playing An Instrument

Your creative side can be nurtured by the intertwinement of mind and body when learning how to play an instrument. The connection between instrument learning and creativity is emphasized by the fact that you learn to deal with two disparate ideas simultaneously i.e. focussing on the present to play the instrument yet at the same time reading ahead in the music. This can translate to thinking of your creative steps in the present and still planning forward/ using your imagination to propagate future ideas.  Maybe you should give the old tin whistle another go then?


4. Doing Nothing

Who doesn't love sitting around and daydreaming about what they're having for tea that night? And perhaps that's exactly when the lightning strikes and you invent the newest form of tin opener to grace the supermarket shelves?! As best-selling author Alan Cohen once wrote: “There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” 


5. Exercise

Perhaps you see this as a contradiction to doing nothing. But not so! By doing nothing I'm referring to partially doing nothing. Not staring at 4 walls 24/7. With regards to exercise, physical activity has been proven to combat mental fatigue and boost cognitive processing. So get sweating! That novel won't write itself!

I hope the above get your creative juices flowing, if you aren't left-handed take an ambidextrous course, if you ain't the middle child, beg the parents to pop another couple out. Whatever you do, just be creative with it!


Written by Natasha Moore

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