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Posted on 27th AUGUST 2018 by Natasha Moore

The art business is a lucrative one, saturated with self-proclaimed Picasso's and reincarnated Rembrandt's. So it's no wonder the following individuals took to more artistic means to bring their visions to the masses.


1. Bansky

Bristol born and one of Britain's best satirical street artists. He doesn't shy away from the odd subversive spray painting stint. He's a publicized political and dark humoured activist who somehow despite his visions being recognised worldwide, we still don't have a visual on what his own face looks like. Perhaps it's the juxtaposition he offers through shrouding himself in mystery while demanding attention through such controversial graffiti on public property which keeps our eyes well and truly glued on what he does next.

Some of his most popularized works include: Balloon Girl, Kissing Coppers and Dismaland


2. Guerrilla Girls

Unapologetically disruptive, Feminist and devoted to combating sexism and racism in the art industry. This anonymous group of female artists' in your face and tongue in cheek approach with their own billboard creations have put them at the centre of controversy and a cause for serious contemplation from the public.

You can view their collaborative work with Andy Warhol currently at the Tate in London currently.  

Some of their best known works include: The Advantages Of being A Woman, and  Do Women Have To Be Naked To Get Into The Met Museum?

3. Collaborate with a cause

Mutually beneficial for both parties or in the case of Tiger Beer's art-Ink, it helps them, local street artists and the rest of Earth's entire population! With the global issue of air pollution more prevalent than ever before, science partners with art to produce an unlikely sparkling solution. Make ink from the air pollution. Just 50 minutes of diesel car pollution can produce an obsidian quality ink pen which artists across the globe can infact use to create beautiful graffiti in their own heavily air polluted streets! A fantastic concept with and even more fantastic execution. More artists should team up with causes not solely for the promotion but for the bigger meaning.

To watch the though-provoking video: Tiger Beer's Air-Ink



4. Performance Artwork

Art is art, can you really try and explain these?

Nailed To A Volkswagen Beetle, Petr Pavlensky, and A bath In Blood

If none of these work you could always chop off an ear, Van Gogh style? Err...maybe not.

Written by Natasha Moore

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