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Posted on 27th AUGUST 2018 by Natasha Moore

Virtual reality and augmented reality are definitely experiences you want to try. Even for the most anti-gamer going, one turn on the VR ghost train and you'll be hooked. Don't believe me? Then try it for yourself at these free London-based venues:


1. Hollywood Bowl x Mario Kart

Book a slot from 3rd August to experience the ever popular Mario Kart gaming experience through HTC's Vive VR here in London at the O2.

2. Augmenting reality meetup  (Nov 2018)

Try out the AR and VR equipment in addition to meeting the creators behind the technology and those making use of it in the real world. Several of these meetups run between August and December 2018 so I'd definitely recommend attending one. August (music), Nov (Causes) Dec (end of year social).

3. AR & VR World

A conference led event held annually in London showcasing the newest revelations in the worlds of warped reality and how they act as aids in world of business. Specific events are free. The next event takes place In June 2019.

4. Timelooper

Why not go back in time and experience London (The Great Fire Of London - 1666, The Blitz - 1940, Medieval Times - 1255)  in VR straight from your mobile device?

I hope one of these above opportunities becomes a reality for you, if not you can always revert back to your good old imagination and play lava floor in your living room. Who needs endless entertainment  through technology anyway!!!



Written by Natasha Moore

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