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Posted on 20th august June 2018 by Nekquai Adeniyi

If you’re an entrepreneur or business looking to build and maintain long term relationships within industry… you may wanna know about Creative England and familiarise yourself with information regarding their new enterprise programme.  


K, so who are they?

“We don't just invest money; we provide a money plus service.” – Creative England

Creative England are a not-for-profit organisation that exist purely to provide support for England’s creative industries.

Alright, so what do they do?

The company are committed to providing practical support for new and existing creative enterprises through the organisation of events, mentoring and networking opportunities. They also provide business advice and help with film and tv production, working on both a national and international scale on behalf of creative companies outside London.

Their role is quite diverse, crossing categories such as film, games, production services and digital media. Funded by both private and public investors since 2011, the company operates outside of London, with offices in both Bristol and Salford. They also work in partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI) to develop new and existing companies through promotion.

Why should I care?

It’s simple, bruh. They know people… and if you wanna grow your business, you also need to know the right people, so it’s a very good idea to start off by knowing these people. (Did you get that? Let’s hope it made some kinda sense)

If you’re still not convinced… lemme name drop real quick. Past partnerships/collabs include:  Google, Facebook and KPMG, in addition to local authorities, cultural bodies and universities, national government, and the European Commission…

Yu-huh. I think you’re paying attention now, correct? Excellent!

Tell me more…

‘Creative  Enterprise’ is their brand new business development initiative. The programme starts in September of this year, is formed of nine events at various location points across the country and will run until March, 2019. It aims to assist companies who work with moving image to create and grow sustainable business and supports them through the process of growing to the stage where they can begin getting investment.Training is given to businesses at all levels, from start-ups to sole traders.

The programme was developed with National Lottery funding from the BFI and includes:

  • A ‘Networking Masterclass’ (Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, October 2018)   

  • ‘Creative Leaders Drive Success’ session (Brighton, November, 2018)

  • ‘Christmas Networking Evening’ (Liverpool, December 2018)

For more information, visit the website at:

Written by Nekquai Adeniyi

Instagram: @_theageingyouth

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