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posted on 9th august 2018 by mireille harper

Think it's down to sheer talent that so many actors make it big? That's where you're wrong. Yes, many actors have the talent, but there are in fact a whole host of people behind-the-scenes who promote, manage and publicise the likes of Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence. Here are the people who transform actors into brand names!


1. Manager

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Most actors will have a manager - a figure who can serve both as an advisor and advocate. This means they can be responsible for anything and everything, including legal issues, financial investments, and overseeing what the rest of an actor's team do AKA they're the big dog who calls the 2.

2. Agent shots

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Think actors are just bombarded with jobs? Well, some are, but agents are also responsible for sourcing, background-checking and negotiating work agreements. Some major film and TV companies even refuse to work with actors who don't have agent representation!

3. Publicist

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Publicists often get a bad rep but they're vital to an actor. Whether it's scoring a review for their actor's performance in a major paper, or getting them a shoot, their responsibilities are endless. Publicists also often manage actor's social media accounts, and also help with crisis management (making everything seem OK when an actor may have done something not so clever!)

4. PA

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Not so many actors have a personal assistant, but they are so needed - especially for incredibly busy actors. A personal assistant can be responsible for a wide range of tasks from looking after an actor's schedule and diary planning, to overseeing bills, house-sitting and caring for pets! To put it simply, they're a lifeline to actors!


Written by Mireille Harper

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