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posted on 9th august 2018 by mireille harper

When we see images of the likes of Maya Jama and Dua Lipa, it's easy to wonder 'how come I never look that?'.

The truth is, as beautiful as Maya and Dua are, even they don't look like that without a little help from their friends. Nearly all singers, actors and celebs have a glam squad. They're the people who make their clients look like supermodels all day, everyday. So, who makes up the team?

1. Hair Stylist

When you see your favourite celeb with a new hairstyle, it's not the case of a home-dye kit or a simple blow dry. Most celebs have a hair stylist who works with their image, and understands the specific needs of their hair. Hair stylists consult with their clients and work tirelessly to create the iconic looks you see on front pages!

2. Make -Up Artist

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Like the incredible hairstyles you see on Rihanna and Beyoncé, often famous figures have equally stunning faces. The majority, bar some very lucky individuals, didn't wake up like this. Most celebs have make-up artists who work on looks that flatter and enhance their clients' features - and this is no once a day thing either. Some make-up artists end up reapplying their clients' make-up over 5 times a day! It's a full-time job!

3. Nail Technician

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Wondering how some celebs have gorgeous nails? There's someone who does that for them! No popping to the shop to get a £20 acrylic gel-set. These nail designers actually CREATE designs for their client and can spend up to 3 hours creating intricate design. Some nail technicians charge £6000 for specific styles, and can earn upwards of £100, 000 a year!

4. Stylist

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No, celebrities don't just pick out their outfits like Cher in Clueless. There's someone on-hand to offer looks constantly - a stylist. Most stylists have close relationships with designers and fashion brands, and are loaned pieces to dress their clients in. And yes, most items are borrowed, not bought - if you ever wondered how celebs could wear someone different every day.

5. Photographer

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Confused? You might think photographers just snap away, but there's a lot more work involved! Many celebs have a photographer as part of their team - they're responsible for documenting the journey, and getting good shots to send to the press. However, photographers do a lot more than just this. A personal photographer means celebs get flattering pictures (which are also edited), rather than less glamorous pap shots.



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