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Posted on 14th AUGUST 2018 by Natasha Moore

How much would you want for an 'M' on your forehead and not a 'D'? Yes, McDonalds have come a knockin' and they're in need of a body part (for marketing purposes obviously, certainly not for food cough cough). Everyone has a price so what's yours? Need help on getting a figure in mind, have a look below at the weird and wonderful ways those in need of a little extra cash have gone to some pretty big extremes through advertising using their bodies:

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How much can you actually earn?

Anywhere from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands! Take for example - '', they're notorious for their human billboards! So if you haven't heard of them until now then you just aren't looking at the right body parts!

Take Angel Brammer for example, who supposedly got paid £422 for her assets to become advertisements.

Joe Tamargo, probably one of the most well known and highest paid sacrificial lambs to the marketing cause allegedly made over $200,00 for over 20 spots on his body (mainly his face) to be graced by a tattoo pen in the name of branding.

Billy Gibbs, aka Billy the billboard desperate means call for desperate measures, once homeless with children to support , he sold his face for thousands to some explicit sites so to keep a roof over his children's heads.

Pretty nice sums initially but the question begs -  what to do when that website may expire or worse if/when you run out of space on your body! Yet, I guess if you managed to have a full body suit of company names tatted on then you may infact be set up for retirement. With that pleasant thought in mind let's have a delve into how many human billboard posts are rolling around (I call this on my upper lip).

How many Human Billboards are out there?

Recruiting in their thousands, kidding! Although with payments like the above, the popularity given the extreme aesthetics may be on the rise.

As for how many actually exist? Well.....regardless of the number, are you going to make yourself the extra addition?

Although the topic of human billboards can be made light off, I want to emphasise that some people who have put their bodies up for this may in their own minds have had no other choice. Like Billy Gibbs above, you may judge them at face value but not really take time to think of their reasoning behind it. Of course you're always going to get some people who do it for the straight out cash but certainly not everyone. To go to such extremes for your children is surely something that must be commended. And at least if we can't all go to the lengths of tattoos we should at least hope that we keep the same principles regarding our own families as Billy did for his.


Written by Natasha Moore

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