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Posted on 07 June 2018 by Rebecca Sander

#1 Calm down

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Graduation can be terrifying, life being dumped out of a fishbowl onto the pavement. But try to reframe it as potential and possibility and hopefully it will look less overwhelming. Nothing is going to happen overnight - I had a lot of high expectations for myself when I launched myself into the professional world, and when I wasn’t immediately given a staff job at Dazed I felt
like it was a personal failure. The reality is though, no one gets into a creative field because it’s easy, and uni is not the end of the struggle, but it’s still a struggle worth doing.

#2 stop faking it

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Don’t stay in touch with people purely for networking purposes. Not only will they probably be of no use to your career you will quickly realise your only bond was stress-eating snacks next to each other in the studio.

#3 It’s okay to wanna take a break

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I got a degree in illustration and then didn’t pick up a pencil for six months. University burns you out and you’re not a failure if you want to have other experiences for a while. Your passion will still be where you left it when you come back around to it in your own time.

#4 Put the time in

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As with all things in live you get out what you put in; no one is going to just hand you a lovely salary job on a plate. Unfortunately in this economy it means depressing internships and a thousand different side hustles, but find the time to build a portfolio of work. Celebrate! You made it through and out the other side, so give yourself some credit and have a drink or eleven, the rest of your life can start tomorrow (or the day after, depending on the hangover)

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