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Posted on 6th AUGUST 2018 by Natasha Moore


If freelancers are earning more money on average than full-time workers, then perhaps the question is - are full time employees being paid enough? But we'll leave that for another day and focus on why freelancers in particular may be earning more on a global scale.

The short answer - thank the internet. And here's why:


1. 'Borderless world'

Regardless of your location, you can promote your craft to pretty much anyone with an internet connection. An ever-growing amount of job opportunities can be bestowed upon you at the click of a button. Never before have you been so needed yet so disposable at the same time!! Much like a tissue during summer hay-fever!

2. 'Educate yourself'

Is formal education no longer the way forward (another topic I need to write about)? Payoneer - a payment platform conducted a survey in which they claim to have found that freelancers with a university degree earned less than their non-university educated freelance counterparts. Perhaps evidence that employers are valuing experience over formal education?  The difference was marginal but I guess in the long term it all adds up. They claimed this was a global study but I'd be interested to know more about this on a local scale.

What industries is this mainly happening in?

According to a report by Major Players, a UK employment agency, they received a 30% increase in the number of freelance vacancies across the creative, digital and marketing industries over the year of 2017.

I guess it makes sense from an employer's perspective to hire a freelancer in terms of finance, if you think about it. They won't have to dig deep in their pockets to pay for the holiday pay, sick pay, employee benefits or bonuses.

But is freelancing stable? (I need to make this an article too!)

It's one thing earning a higher wage on a per hour basis, but what if the work load is unsteady? At least in your 9 - 5 is stable.

Oh, who knows! Money shouldn't be the be all and end all, although, in this society we can all eat our words with this statement sometimes! Whether freelancing earns you more or less the key thing is do you bloody enjoy the job at hand?!



Written by Natasha Moore

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