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Posted on 6th AUGUST 2018 by Natasha Moore

I want a job in the music industry - where do I start?

This is the next most popular question of the century right after 'are our horoscopes compatible?' and 'what's for tea?'. Now for the answer of the century (not).There's so many ways into this circus - this is the good news. And so many people looking in - the good but in a way bad news. With more competition than ever, how can you boost your chances of making it?

This industry is all about contacts, but there's no point making contacts until you know what area of the business you want to get into. So...

1. Research for the role you're passionate for:

Some companies offer help such as free career advice sessions, CV proof reading, workshops and recommend work experience for you to get a better understanding of the career opportunities in music you may want to pursue. These include:


Once you have a better picture of what area you want to go into now it's the time to go and talk to the people in that area.


2.Get business cards printed and attend networking events.


I say this on repeat, I'm like a broken record but it's true. The more people you meet the higher your chances of meeting someone who needs your skills and qualities. Or at least can help you gain some more. Why are business cards important? They show you're serious about your career and they avoid illegible handwriting, so you won't be desperately trying to decipher the last name of their email address!

Print business cards, some sites to look into:

There's loads of printing sites, have a browse!

Networking events you should know of:


3. Follow up with contacts and remain perseverant

Networking is great, but it doesn't guarantee you the job. You may follow up with your contact you met on the night and it may be a dead end and this is where persistence pays off. I'd say give it 3 goes, spaced out over several weeks with a contact. If you get no response, just move on. Think positively and know that the right opportunity will come along at the right time. The industry can be tough, sometimes we need emotional support. Searching for a music career shouldn't always be stressful, remind yourself of why you're doing all this and take time to enjoy the art form. Some sites I recommend are:

As much as I'm saying it may take you a while to get a job in the music industry equally so you could get it tomorrow, but from my own experience it took me a year. So within that week, month or year it may be good to garner up advice, experience and support from others.  You can do this!


Written by Natasha Moore

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