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Posted on 6th AUGUST 2018 by Maddy Abela

Social media is great isn’t it? You can tell your friends, and enemies, all about the fun stuff you’re getting up to and catch a cheeky preview of how they’re doing too. But with such freedom comes a small slice of responsibility. Here are the top 5 employees who lost their jobs because of Facebook:


1) Rachel Burns

Burns worked in a residential care home but was dismissed after posting a picture on Facebook which breached Surrey Council Policy. As an employee at a care home for vulnerable residents, she not only posted a picture which identified a resident (which is a big no no in care homes), but also was friends on Facebook with a resident too. This may sound like a small slip up, but it cost her, her job of 20 years!

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2) Kevin Colvin

Colvin was working as an intern at the Anglo Irish Bank in New York when he had a family emergency and asked for time off. Fairly, he was given time off. But, oops, Colvin didn’t have a family emergency at all and in fact was at a Halloween party! A picture of Colvin in a fairy costume- really- surfaced on Facebook and he was dismissed immediately. At least he had his fairy wings to fly away, with, though right?

Here’s the infamous pic:



3) Ashley Payne

Not related to Liam Payne, but her experience was definitely painful. Payne, a 24 year old teacher, was given an ultimatum to either leave her job at a high school or be suspended following a complaint about the content of her Facebook profile by a parent. On her Facebook profile, Payne had several pictures of her drinking alcoholic beverages which clearly didn’t sit well with worried parents.

Here’s one of the photos:



4) Gloria Gadsden

University Professor, Gloria Gadsden, was dismissed from her job after a Facebook post was taken too literally by her employer. She made jokes about wanting to kill her students, and was quickly escorted off the University premises. The two Facebook posts she wrote were: ‘Does anyone know where I can find a hitman? Yes, it’s been that kind of day.’ And, ‘had a good day today, DIDN’T want to kill one of the students. Now Friday was a different story.’


5) Cameron Reilly

Remember Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding? It was lovely, wasn’t it? Well, lovely for everyone except Mr Reilly. Reilly was a palace guard who was banned from the Royal Wedding Parade after he ranted on Facebook about Kate Middleton; calling her a ‘stuck up cow’ among other things.


Written by Maddy Abela

Instagram: @happydazexox

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