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Posted on 6th AUGUST 2018 by Maddy Abela

Are you spending a bit too much time on your phone? Here’s the problem with it and how it might just be stopping you from getting a job.

  • More phone, less sleep - studies have shown that the blue light phones emit reduces the release of a hormone called melatonin which help regulates sleep. Tired at a job interview? Blame the poor sleep on your phone!

  • More phone, less focus - research, conducted at Korea University, found that internet and phone addicts had higher GABA levels than people who weren’t addicted to their phone. What does this mean? High GABA levels slow down your brain and make it harder to focus on tasks.

  • More phone, less networking - think about it. If you go to ERIC fest and your head is nested in your phone, how are you going to notice the amazing potential collaborators passing you by? Head up sunshine!

So being addicted to your phone seems like a pretty bad problem. How can we deal with it?

  • Proximity - this may seem obvious, but, put your phone away! The further away from you your phone is, the less tempting it is to pick it up and check people’s Snapchat stories.

  • Don’t break habits, replace them - if you’ve spending too much time on your phone, find another fun way to use your time.

  • Use ‘do’ instead of ‘can’ - psychologically, when you say you ‘can’t do something it feels like you have no power over the action and that you’re being told what to do. Whereas if you say you ‘don’t’ do something the power of your actions returns back to you. Clever, huh?


If you’re not sure whether you are addicted, here’s a test to check. But remember, this test is not scientifically sound and if you’re experiencing addiction please seek medical help.

Written by Maddy Abela

Instagram: @happydazexox

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