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posted on 7th august 2018 by mireille harper

Did you know that employment in the UK creative industries is growing at four times the rate of the UK workforce as a whole? Over 284, 400 businesses define themselves as creative, and over 2.9 million people work for these businesses. So, where are they all living? Here's our top ten list of areas taken over by creatives. Start checking them out!


1. Queen's Park, London

Home to Kindred Studios, a creative home for 175 artists and makers, it's no wonder that Queen's Park is full of creatives. Check out the studio, local cafés and the weekly market to meet fellow creatives.

2. Hackney, London

Known as London's hippiest borough, Hackney is full of artists, from illustrators and fashion designers to printmakers.

3. Peckham, London

Whilst the rent prices don't reflect the creative community, Peckham is home to Peckham Levels where plenty of creative offices are based, PeckhamPlex - the famous £5 cinema, cheap clubs llike Bussey Building, and enough galleries to spend a weekend trawling in.

4. Digbeth, birmingham

Often regarded as Birmingham's equivalent of Shoreditch, Digbeth is the perfect place for creatives. With The Custard Factory, COW and Digbeth Dining Club, it's no wonder the district is full of creative people.

5. Brighton, hove

Of course, nothing's changed! Brighton has always been considered as a wonderful city for creatives. Close to the seaside, it's full of artists, musicians and others working in the creative industries.

6. Hull

After winning the City of Culture, people have finally started to pay attention to Hull - where creatives span across performance, writing and design. The city also opened an arts and culture venue to showcase Hull creatives!

7. Nottingham

Based in the heart of the East Midlands, Nottingham is home to a creative quarter, and attracts creatives from across the country. Home to countless digital, print media and tech firms, the industry is ever-growing.

8. Margate, kent

With Londoners leaving for Surrey and Sussex by the bucketload, it's no surprise that Kent is also getting its fair share! With a big culture, art and history scene, and a gorgeous coastline, it's no wonder that young people are flocking to this seaside town.


Written by Mireille Harper

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